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A Meeting Deep in The Desert

continued from part five:

Everyone fell asleep,
it was so late
and everyone was tired.
Now we are in the desert
sitting around a little fire
It’s a very dark night, new moon,
just the twinkling stars above
and our little fire
down here.
Everyone is present again, as before.
Angel rubs the magic bottle,
she takes the top off,
and holds the bottle up,
it gets warm in her hand,
blue lava oozes out
and down Angel’s arm
onto the ground,
it builds upon itself
and eventually takes the shape
of a dark blue
emanating the voice of
Silvio Gesell.
“Thank you. Please.”
He takes a deep breath
and the stone crumbles away
leaving a little old man
dancing and smiling.
“Nice to be with you
as always.”

Everyone smiles, “Welcome”
Angel raises the question,
“What happens
when the communication medium;
pigeon, pony express, post office,
and now
which is the product not so much intellectual as it is hard, tangible
like cable, fiber-optic, satellite
and which has capital invested
starting out, originating, as a cash paper money arrangement
with very specific requirements,
this is basically the USURY
which starts it all
and really gets you, everyone, in the end,
or near the end
when a huge corporate entity (like Facebook, Google)
is standing on the edge of a very steep cliff when the original loan givers come calling 
(it’s not a dark hooded guy with a scythe
or a knife)
because interest on the loan;
the original loan
is not being paid.
it takes cash paper US dollars
to pay THIS loan back.
This is the only way, not product.
Are you kidding?
They get a piece of that all along the way
as interest
on every single step of the way
from financing the conception of the idea
to growing it, developing it, raising it
and maintaining it
and getting it to the consumer.

without the hardware,
regardless of the software,
it all comes to a screeching stop.
And that hardware corporate entity
is close to the edge now.

Arrangements in the contract,
that original cash paper US dollars contract states very simply:

Siri does not understand or know
these words (phrases).
She only recognizes the letters.
It was a requirement
in their
original loan contract.

now these corporate entities
are standing on The Edge
basically with a gun to the head.
The ammo in that gun
is bought NOT on credit.
Are you kidding?
Who would loan money
for something which blows up
in a flash and smoke;
nothing built, nothing created.
There is no return on investment in this deal. Unless,
it is to destroy
with the intention of LOANING
MORE of the hoardable money with Interest to fill in or repair
the hole
or damage.
And then build back the structure.

The division of labor;
the dividing up or our labor tasks
rides on the shoulders of money, and the division of labor is
The Foundation of Civilization.
So, you are very dependent on money everyone, everywhere
on your planet.
There are no exceptions.
Nature is even at the mercy
of hoardable money
and those with the most of that power.
because money does not decay
like everything else natural
and so
money can overpower nature
and destroy it all
if it wants to.
That is,
as long as money remains in this defective hoardable state, or form
like the PAPER US dollar.”

Everyone was quiet and listening carefully.
Only a slight sound from the warm breeze.
And Angel raising a question,
she continues:
“ALL other money
is IN circulation
all the time.
We live in a time of microsecond transactions
as fast as any natural exchange …
maybe faster.
If money which is supposed to be reserve
IS “sitting” somewhere,
then it is there for such a short time
that only certain people
with a certain type of optics
can see it.
And even the corporate entity
responsible for this advanced optical hardware
have to deal with the cash
paper US dollars loan
interest predicament.

When there are money vacuuming agents
at work
vacuuming up the paper US dollars
out of circulation
you can make it more difficult to pay back the cash loan …
and after a bunch of this paper money
has been vacuumed up,
and after the poor people (without credit) who depend on it
start feeling the money disappearing, this leads to more crime,
and after the shortage of money
starts to affect the sale
of let’s say food and gas
and prices start falling everybody loves this.
But guess who doesn’t?
The manufactures of these products.
They have to start cutting costs,
usually by cutting corners = pollution
and cutting wage and workers = humanitarian crisis.
This is about the time
when the original loan givers call.
It’s like a Grim Reaper
but he, it could be a she,
is actually holding
cash paper US dollars,
much more powerful than any war weapons, although the knife is silent
and handy
and doesn’t depend on

There is only one way to disarm
this Dark Grim Reaper Entity;
Declare demurrage
on The US Dollar.

No amount of regulation will do it.
You will only end up
spending lots more money
for enforcement and security.
It’ll have to be worked into the price of everything,
and guess who will make more money
with every transaction every step of the way? Zzz
I hope this is getting to be a part of the story your done talking about now.

“Declare demurrage on The US Dollar.
No expensive court cases are necessary. They’re just money laundering accessories.
Although if I ever got called to the stand
it would not be a bad thing
because I could easily tell the truth
of the whole story
about the hoardable money
and unhoardable money
with demurrage.
Don’t fall for the negative interest trick. Negative interest does not touch
the paper US dollar.

The Evil Fruit (hoardable money)
The Good Fruit (unhoardable money with demurrage),
The Forbidden Tree
of The Knowledge
of The Fruit
of Good and Bad …
Too bad the Serpent tricked Eve
and only offered her the evil bad fruit.
Too bad she went to the tree when she was told not to.
But she did. All is forgiven.
She knew not what she was doing.
Too bad she offered it to Adam.
He knew not as well.
All I forgiven.

But now you know
if you have read this far.
So now you have a choice;
Continue with the hoardable money
and the illusions it creates
set things clear, crystal clear
by using alchemy
to “melt” the impurity or the defect
which is still in the magical
money token of old.
That defect; the hoardable money,
these days The PAPER US Dollar
causes interruption, interference, distortion in the flow of the blood of business,
for the body economic.

The flow of money must be smooth,
continuous, steady
to become eventually
like a ring of gold,
this being the ultimate hardware
in your case,
on Earth.

From the children’s book
Shibboleth A Tale of Two Secret Passwords
and Money:
(Initial page)
A very serious ritual was initiated
to call in the magical forces.
Of course for The Three Magicians
all ritual was a very serious thing.
The request? …
How can we help the people
work better
And the response came
and it was made manifest
and it did work
miraculous results
beyond belief.

magic should never just be let loose.
It should always be watched closely
with a very special focus.
evil lurks,
it never goes away completely,
and it seeks any subtle opening
in order to destroy
The Kingdom.

With magic
one must always have a clear mind
for absolute focus.
the more powerful the magic
the more destructive the consequences. Money
is very powerful magic.

“Hey!” A voice came from somewhere
in the area. Everyone looked around.

“Here it is everybody. It’s my phone.”
Angel got the phone out of her backpack and brought it over to the fire.
“Hey” everyone replied.

And the phone said “Hey! Hello.
Nice to be with you.
Do you know who I am?”

V went over to sit next to Angel
and the phone.
“Hello” she said.
“V?” the phone responded.
Angel smiled “Mosley.” she said.
A tear came to her eye.
“I’m so glad you’re back.”

Mosley and Angel and V
have been friends since childhood.
But they got separated a long time ago
when this story of Shibboleth
first got started,
around 10 years ago,
Mosley was only six years old
but he was very good at math
and technology
Angel and V are just a couple of years older. They were all orphans
lead into a cave
deep in the desert
by a nice couple
who showed them the entrance.
That’s where they met …
“Me!” Silvio replied.
“Salainte! Cheers!”

including Mosley on the phone
“Do dheagh shlainte!
To your health!”

“Where are you Mosley?” asked Angel.
“Guess who I work for?” Mosley replied.

to be continued …

Russel Lee Morris
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