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A Money Lullaby about Border Lands

continuing from part four …

“Thank you friend. Please,
I would give you anything
for your thoughts on this question.”
Angel stands,
then goes to sit in the seat next to Donald.
He welcomes her chivalrously.

“What about
The New Levant Region?”
She scooches her chair a little closer.
Donald breathes in deeply,
her perfume fills him.
He thinks to himself
till naturally,
being saturated,
he exhales
and thinks to himself

He gets up from his chair
and begins pondering
then pacing a little bit
and pondering some more.

“Here is what is happening:
people, immigrants,
or you could say people who want a better life for themselves,
having given up on the present state
of things in their home country,
are populating certain border regions.
Why did they give up on their
home country? …
For the same reason people have given up in this country USA;
low wage, and consequently more crime,
the country having been cut off;
short changed
again and again
by The Money Power,
to be more precise,
The Cash Mob Elite.
I mean the few
behind all those globalist titles.

“I was well on the way to fixing that problem while I was in the oval office.
I knew a lot about the money predicament before I went into that oval chamber. *
Now I know more.
And until I’m back in the oval office position
I can do much,
a lot
in the private sector.
I will never ever surrender.
* see Viktor Schauberger

“Let’s talk about
The New Levant Region
along The Southern US Border.
First of all
the lesson about hoardable money
is learned now,
after 2000 years of struggle uphill,
and then up
and down
over and over. Why? …
They say “overproduction”,
but it is a distribution predicament.
We could easily have
scaled to The Heavens
had we not been cut off; shortchanged
over and over.
We recover every time.
We have tempered.
We are strong and resilient.
One year,
using unhoardable money with demurrage and you will see
The Transformation.
It will be tangible.
We are so prepared
to step
The Money Gate.

“Like long ago
there is a Shibboleth
which is required.
Long ago, it was
“Hoardable Money”
the “hoardable” part
was not included in the teachings.
Just all about money.
Hoardable was NEVER mentioned.

“This was to prove very unfortunate.
And better it would have been
if this evil Fruit,
and in fact
the whole Tree
of the Fruit of Good and Evil,
had been left alone.
But it wasn’t.
Thanks Eve.
You are forgiven. You knew not.
And everyone
that accepted this forbidden fruit
knows not as well. All are forgiven.
There is no real need
for trials and court cases
other than
getting on the stand
and telling the truth.

“I have The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth.
When I am called
The Beast
will be revealed
and become subservient.
is in each of us.
And it
has been the glutton
regarding hoardable Money,
in particular
The US Paper Dollar.

“Back to the immigrants
and The Border Crisis,
It is possible to suspend this invasion *
and in fact reverse
all the damage;
humanitarian and environmental.
Why do I say invasion? …
It is because these people were paid,
and this turns out to be much cheaper
than a military invasion,
they received paper US dollars
to be pioneers of
The New Levant Region
on The Southern US Border.
They were payed, their ticket was paid for
like The Pioneers
in The Old Days of The Wild West,
and like The Pioneers who first came
to America
from The Old Country.
They were payed.
But this payment was not charity.
It was not food, clothing, tools, equipment.
It was,
and it still is these days,
a cash money deal.

“So many of the people that are now crowding The Border Lands
in certain areas
a debt
of US paper dollars,
loaned to them by
Coyotes Inc.
with interest,
once business takes hold;
I mean
once factories and homes start being built, and a village takes shape,
then a town,
then cities, etc.
all along The Border.
And a lot of goods cross this border,
will these goods be coming through
the new developments? …
Just like the earliest days of
The Old Levant Region,
A fee will be required.
And money will be hoarded by these people, The Money Changers
and The Gate Keepers.

And then
in the more distant future
when you least expect it,
The USURY Beast
will raise its ugly heads
and begin slowing down the economy
by vacuuming up cash money
(paper US dollars)
out of circulation,
and then loans will be defaulted,
prices will fall,
workers will be let go
and down down everything will go.
And then
Hell; crime, corruption, war.”

Donald breathes in deeply,
thinking to himself “inhaling”
as the perfume of Angel NicGillicuddy saturates his every cell.
And then naturally,
he thinks to himself
and he continues …

for The New
Levant Region,
The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth
will shine,
not a drop of blood on it.

unhoardable money with demurrage
(The US Dollar with demurrage)
Land free-ed from the captivity
of “ownership”.

“The trick is an old one
and very secret, I mean censored.
And now I’m censored.
Can you guess why? …
The magical solution
for curing this problem
infection of The Evil Fruit; hoardable money
is well understood by me.
It is my treasure
and it is stored safely here.”
He points to the side of his head.
“In my temple.
It is free to anyone who asks.”

Angel smiles
and points to her temple too.
And V does the same,
and Silvio …
and now
Larry and Lilly too.

“Stay tuned for questions
and the answers,
and all about
The New
Levant Region,
which shall mysteriously
with the help of
money magic.
Watch it thrive,
free from interruption, interference, distortion and
in all it’s forms.
NOT using the hoardable form of money
life will be nurtured.
Moses knew this.

“We shall use
unhoardable money
with demurrage;
the US Dollar
with demurrage. *
It will not be possible
for this money to build up,
which only ends up causing cancer
for the body economic,
interfering with the smooth continuous flow of the blood of business; money.
* Don’t get this confused with
negative interest,
which has no effect at all
on The PAPER US Dollar.

“Dracula didn’t care about blood
nearly as much as he did the money magic. He just needed the blood
to keep playing the game,
which he was enjoying? … Was he?
He was making the best of it.
But he was after all
only a Count.
Keep in mind that Rothschild eventually
came into play.
I would say,
just to cut to the quick,
that The Money Power
made a deal
with The Zombies.
At least just to hold things at bay
for a while.
to satisfy their appetite,
and this means conflict, war, pandemics,
dead bodies to satisfy the zombie appetite.”

“I have a question.” Angel says.
“How does declaring demurrage
on The US Dollar
help us with that problem?”

“Well you know, …
V stands up
and then lays down on the table
right between Donald
and the rest of the gang.
“There’s this thing,
it’s called, a Wall.”
Then she turns her head to face Donald, she’s pretty close up,
her body overflowing it’s boundaries.
She finishes,
“And it,
along with the military buildup
gave life once again
to the backbone;
the domestic steel industry.
Thank you Sir.
See, I’m not such a bad girl.”

Donald smiles and takes a deep breath,
being with his breathing.
“I know you wonder
why I didn’t declare demurrage
on the US dollar
during my time
in that very special oval office.
It is because
The Great Flood
of cash paper money US Dollars
must be prepared for.
And this was possible to me
because I already knew
that the Chinese
were sitting on PLENTY
of cash paper US dollars.
There are other things I knew,
like the fact that China
is leveraged a lot
by another entity or a small group of entities, and that makes them quite vulnerable,
let’s just say
if a good portion of their cash US dollars
is drained out of the country. *
I knew that our dependence
on outside resources must be lessened
and I knew that our infrastructure;
roads, bridges
had to be reinforced and expanded
in order to handle the money demand
of which success
would bring to our country.
And that in turn means
even more money coming.
Reference The USMCA and
The Abraham Accords.

I was well on the path
to declare demurrage
on the US dollar,
and once the population of our country
was more manageable,
indeed even just knowable
to a reasonable degree
I was preparing to engage
the first official use of this
“new” kind of money;
The Basic Income with Demurrage,
as a distribution mechanism
to clear up
the distribution predicament,
just as you detailed in your stories Angel,
The Story of Universal Basic Income
A Story about The Basic Income.

you know more about
The Plan,
my Eight Year Plan.
My position at this time
is actually an advantage
in some ways.
which I know how to take advantage of.”

* Regarding cash being drained,
Ammo is a cash business.

V winks at Donald
and then stretches out
as she rolls over onto her belly
and then seats herself
with the others,
to continue listening.

Donald continuous:
“Let me tell you a story,
if I may Angel dear.
She nods and smiles.
“It will be very similar to another story about
Barataria, by Silvio
and also one called
which our dear friend Angel knows very well.

“First let’s make the atmosphere a little more relaxed.” Angel suggests.
Everyone gets cozy now,
even the little figurines of Silvio,
Lily and Larry
make themselves comfortable
amongst the pillows,
while Donald sits at the table
and begins the tale
about Mirror City
and The US Southern Border.

“Once upon a time,
there were old plantation owners
and other successful business owners
in The Great Confederate South
who were experiencing problems
with credit collectors
sent by the northern industrialists,
who were experiencing problems
The Cash Mob Elite
back in The Old Country.
Homes and businesses were being burnt
to persuade owners
to leave
the premises.
The Home
was at stake.
Families were being broken up.
Workers were being sold
down the river
to Simon Legree.
Lots of desperate distorted acts
to try to cut costs
so that the interest payments could be made on all of the equipment, supplies, factories, trucks, ships
bought on credit.
It started a long time ago,
everywhere (hoardable) money
was being used
around the world.

To be continued …

Russel Lee Morris
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