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A New X-Rated Film Could be the key

Image credits: People celebrate in the street after Tunisian President Kais Saied announced the dissolution of parliament and Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi's government. Courtesy Zoubeir Souissi.

to finding out who is already
using US dollars with demurrage. Already.

The idea has been around since
before the first world war,
it was true before the war
and verified, even proven,
still true after the war:
The Natural Economic Order,
Silvio Gesell
The Free Economy Publishing Company,
Hugo R. Fack.
Max Hebecker, Schwanenkirchen (Hengersberg) Germany 1929
Michael Unterguggenberger, Worgl 1932

The idea did not disappear at all,
it’s just not being reported on,
and if it was
who could report accurately?
And who would edit?
All I can say is that it IS being done already, for at least three years,
since the middle of President Trump’s Leadership.

Angel NicGillicuddy and her friend V
arrived in Donetsk
earlier just this evening,
on a mission
to film a trailer for the movie
Welcome to The Money Gate.
It is here
on Earth somewhere
already, The Money Gate,
it has been here for a long time actually.
It is a portal
to a different reality, 
the one that is created
when demurrage is declared
on the paper money,
in particular The US paper dollar.
Even Moses knew,
that is all it takes to enter
The Promised Land,
The Ransom paid,
USURY Forbidden.

Maybe it’s somewhere deep in a cave
or on top of a very high mountain.
Our mission is to find it.
I have a very good hunch that we will find it pretty easily
in the newly independent regions
which have the worlds spotlight right now.
And I also have a good hunch that we will reveal
that the war is not between
Ukraine and Russia,
but The Globalists
The nationalist leaders
who declared demurrage on their reserves
of paper US dollars,
they want the world to know,
but main stream won’t say it;
We have declared demurrage
on our reserves of paper US dollars
and our economy even functions in the midst of the war
which you,
The Globalist Money Power Establishment
are trying to stir up.

Not all the leaders are able
to take a strong position,
but they have no excuse
other than
their boss will ruin them,
and in just a few weeks
leave them homeless.

It is later that same evening now,
Angel and V are in a bar nightclub,
they make eye contact
with a young soldier guy,
V whispers in Angel’s ear,
“Bring him outside to meet me.”
And she leaves the club.

A few minutes later Angel walks over
 to meet the soldier guy, 
and walks him outside.

“Pssst, hey over here.”
V gets their attention,
she’s waiting on a little side street
under a very dusty street light
leaning against the wall.
The three of them huddle together
and get to know each other.
While V feels into the situation
Angel gets the boys phone camera
and begins to film.
V steps back a little bit,
she removes all but her boots.
The boy has already undone his pants
and let his stuff fall out.
“Nice strong soldier you have.”
V kneels down
and pumps his stuff.
“I am looking for someone who will loan me some US paper Dollars with demurrage.”
The phone cam is on V,
a close-up shot.
“Can someone in the new regions help me get a loan of US dollars with demurrage? Rusting paper US dollars?”
‘Rusting’ is slang term sometimes associated with ‘demurrage’
on money)

In the context of money,
‘rusting’ means
that in order to keep the paper notes
US dollars
from becoming corroded or corrupt,
it is best if they move
in circulation.”

V pumps on him some more
and continues,
“The ‘heat’ or friction
which naturally comes with business deals using this kind of money
(it’s a kind of sparring
in terms of negotiating),
keeps the ‘rust’
from weakening the steel
(metal; what money used to be made of)
In fact the ‘heat’
related to the sparring,
in the sense of the struggles and challenges related to negotiating and fulfillment,
which is compelled to take action
and not just hold out
(here referring to the money with demurrage and NOT hoardable money)
tempers the two businesses,
and their relationship and performance becomes stronger,
as long as the rust is kept under control,
and this is done by declaring demurrage
on the US dollars used in the business deals, very strongly enforced.
And this system
is insulated
from ‘The West’s’
hoardable money

Better than insulated really,
as demurrage is declared
on more and more US paper dollars,
other regions declaring demurrage
on their
paper US dollar reserves,
The War Chest (emergency cash paper money US dollar stash)
of The Enemy
That is how the war will end.”

Still pumping,
V can tell
he’s about to come,
“Look into my eyes. she says to him,
the phone camera is still focused on her.
Standing very close next to the soldier boy Angel makes sure it is,
“Use rusting money
paper US dollars with demurrage.”
And he comes all over her tits.
He is coming quite a lot,
so she adds this,
“Declare demurrage
on your paper US dollar reserves
and your economy will come like this
in a state of perpetual
tingling orgasm.”


Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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