A Very Bright Shining Light

Image credits: A Phoenician coin.

The Phoenicians were masters
in the use of money,
as a medium of exchange (not savings), where the money token
is used in the circulation
of the body economic
to encourage work, and refinement
and more work.
Jesus knew this, and He said to others,
“Follow Me.”
and build (homes),
He was a carpenter.
Work work
not charity
is the way of Jesus.
Using the magical money token,
this Message would have meant,
in a short period of time,
a home,
for everyone,
with all the comforts,
including a pantry with food,
and Jesus’ Mission would’ve been accomplished.

And this Message of Jesus
would have been included in His Story
had it not been for one problem;
Evil, it never goes away completely,
and it saw a vulnerability,
a weakness in the magical money token;
it was hoardable
and little by little
it could be removed from circulation
to cause economic Recession
and hardship for the people.
Accumulated secretly
over the years,
it could be used as a
Monster Weapon USURY Leverage Device.
Evil saw a weakness
in the magical money token
and seized it; the money.

Was The Great White Fraternity
aware of this defect in
the magical money token?
And did they know how to disarm this
now Satan’s Weapon?
to assure that the money
for a healthy body economic,
continuously refining, uninterrupted,
and this
is what leads to Heaven.

Remove the STIGMATA
from your heart (The Kingdom of God)
so that it may shine pure.

Now that Trump’s daughter
has married a very wealthy
Lebanese businessman,
the timing is perfect.
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
will show the way.

Thank you Jesus,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris

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