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A Visit to The New Levant Region

A small village has formed.
For entertainment there are boxing matches. One of the favorites is a female fighter named Cashme.
The fight village
is situated on
The Land Reservation
of The Wampum Tribe
close to The Southern US Border.
(But it could be almost any border region)
There is a casino
called The Sunset
with a view from the top which is spectacular.
Cashme has been winning.
All bets are in US paper dollars only.
Tonight she won $1000 *
for her knock out
against Eve.

* This is after paying the organizers and other workers.
There are no taxes
and there’s not even rent on the land.
It’s “free”. 
The Wampum Tribe
decided a while back
to auction the land
in various parcels,
governed entirely by the needs
of the “cultivator”
to the highest bitter.
There are small lots for small families,
large lots for large families,
and also tracts for communistic, anarchistic, social democratic colonies,
cooperative societies
and religious communities.
This auction does not have anything to do with buying
the land.
It was an auction to determine who would be the renter.
This Tribal Land
of The Wampum
is nationalized;
it belongs to
The People’s Land Trust.
Anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to bid in this auction
without exception.
The rent so received goes to
the public treasury of the village
and is distributed monthly
in equal shares
to mothers
according to the number of their young children.
No mother,
no matter from where she comes,
will be excluded from this distribution.
Any nation, state, race, language community, religious body or economic organization seeking to restrict “free land” in anyway
is to be outlawed.
The land in this desolate part of the world
is still free land;
God’s gift to all the children.

* all of these details are taken directly from
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell,
Revised English Edition 1958
Peter Owen (RIP) Limited London
My particular copy came by way of
The San Diego Public Library,
after it was censored off the shelf
October 2, 1984.

Cashme carried her stacks
of paper US dollars
home with her.
She has decided to form a bank
with her friend Angel NicGillicuddy.
Cashme will promote the bank
and her business
and Angel will do the books.
Cashme is the first customer of
The First Mirror City Bank of Free-Money;
money which does not require
the Interest tribute.

Cashme deposits the thousand dollars;
one, five and twenty dollar bills.
She gets a loan based on this cash
in the form of a
simple paper money
which is a little different from the dollar bills.
To the back of each piece
of this paper money
will be applied
the appropriate stamps
demurrage (or holding) charges
payable weekly.
Each piece of this new paper money
comes with the first stamp
already in place officially.
There are 52 squares for the weekly stamps. On a one dollar bill of the new money
for example
a $.10 stamp must be applied each week
by whoever is holding the bill
at the time when demurrage charges
are due.
Books of these stamps
can be bought at the post office.

Very little physical money
will end up stuck somewhere,
so that ‘stamp counterfeiting’
would be a small time crime business,
easily busted by the honest people. Additional counterfeit paper money
would be very easy to identify,
I mean
to account for;
the CPI (Consumer Price Index)
would go up
and I, Angel
would very quickly remove
the excess paper money from circulation.
There are various ways
this can be accomplished.

Cashme hires a small crew
of cannabis growers,
flower specialists and fiber specialists,
who already have all of their equipment, supplies, seeds … all of it.
This will be easy
since there are
so many independent growers

to be continued...

(This is part ten. Part one is called 'Money Teacher Where You Might Not Expect'.)

Russel Lee Morris
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