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A visit to V's place

Image credits: A smiling U.S. president Donald Trump (The Levant News archive).

So here we are
sitting at a table
in the penthouse of V
with Angel and one other person.
Hmmm, who could that be?

“Welcome President Trump Sir.
We are so glad you are here.”

President Trump:

V puts her feet up on the table.
First she takes her shoes off.

Angel gets up from her chair
and stands behind President Trump
with her hand on his shoulder
as if she is transmitting knighthood.

And then V gets up from her seat
and begins to pace back-and-forth
in front of him.
“We want to partner with you.” she says.

President Trump:
“Long-term plans are in the works.
Not short term tricks.”

V stops for a second to look at President Trump,
“Good one.” she says
and she goes back to pacing.
“And I have learned
that long-term plans will only WORK
and be permanently successful and sustainable when we use a form of money which cannot be removed from circulation
to interrupt or interfere or secretly sabotage
and force us into a slow down; recession.
And I also know that
is only possible without this interference.”

President Trump:
“And that means declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.”

“Now we are all on the same Path
and The Great Transformation
will at long last proceed.
The Light is shining brighter and brighter
upon this Path.
Thank you Sir.”

V stops directly in front of President Trump
and smiles,
“I love you Sir.”

President Trump:
“I will not let you down.
Even in the case that election is Frauded
I will not let you down.”

To be continued...

Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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