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All Eyes on Turkey

Two weeks from now:
Angel NicGillicuddy is sent to meet
the central banker.
They meet in the park.
The central banker is resting
on a park bench.
The sun is setting.
What light is left of the day
has a bluish glow to it.
Angel approaches the central banker.
He can see her coming from a distance.
And now
she is standing in front of him.

The central banker is captivated by her. Angel stands there silent for a few seconds. A light breeze blows upon her blue hair.
She is of Persian descent
and wearing a Catholic school girl’s uniform. ( you know, the one with the Scottish kilt. )
Angel looks the central banker over, respectfully,
but also in a way
which is very revealing to her
of who exactly she is dealing with here;
a person who is lost in a job
which makes no sense.
She can tell that even the central banker
is wondering if he is of any help at all
regarding the global money dilemma
which we have been enduring for so long.
it is his job
and naturally
after many years of practice
in the ways of hoardable money
he has become very good
at a very bad habit.

“Usury is forbidden.” Angel says.

She is softly looking
directly at the central banker.
She notices
the central banker has stopped breathing again.
Angel waits ...
and he does finally take another breath, suddenly.
He is a little bit surprised at himself.

Angel stands there calmly
taking a nice deep breath,
she stretches
raising her arms over her head
and leaning her head back
looking at the sky
which has now turned red,
she spots the first star of the evening.
And smiles.

“We know that The Bank of England’s
50 pound Turing note
is just another PAPER money trick,
made to look like a nice gesture.”
(reference the article by Pan Pylas
London AP)
“We know the game you are playing
with PAPER money.
It is looking very obvious
to anyone who knows
how hoardable money operates.

President Erdogan has sent me
to fire you.
Do you know why?” ...

The central banker’s breathing has stalled again.
He suddenly catches another gulp of air.
He seems to be surprised at himself.
Usually he is the one in control.
Angel cocks her hips in a relaxing way, standing there waiting on a reply.
But there is just silence.

She continues,
“Because you are not able to discuss declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.
We are done with your services.
Using Church Money with demurrage
we will take care of the problem.
Your loan will be paid back in full.
But I’m afraid it won’t help you
and the rest of the central bankers.

The hoardable Money game is over,
and all the players
will gradually join us.
You and your comrades
are all welcome as well.
Bless you.
And now I will be happy to escort you
as you collect your things from the office
and go back to your home.”

Two weeks earlier:
Angel NicGillicuddy visits the Sadhus of India in their cave.

“The seed of gold
was delivered to Earth
thousands of years ago.
The Secrets for growing gold
were passed along.
But not to just anyone.”

“Why do you do this?” Angel replies.

The Sadhu is tending the fire attentively.

For you angel,
if you need it.
Let us pray
for The Holy Money Meeting.”

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Russel Lee Morris
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