Angel NicGillicuddy Heads to Russia

By the way
The Soviet Republic of Bavaria
April 1919
offered Silvio Gesell
his first and only big break,
as Finance Minister.
A week later he was sent to prison,
and later tried for Treason,
a case which he won
defending himself;
no one else could’ve possibly done it because nobody else understood the money system as well as he did.
He convinced a jury
that what he was doing was not treason,
but that the treason was being done
before he began his service.

Ukraine knows this history
and so does Russia.
But The Mainstream Media is not allowed
to enter into this discussion…
which I am about to present here:

The Big Black Barracuda (B3)
comes to pick up Angel and V,
it knows where they are,
which is nothing new to Angel and V.

Remember from earlier in our story,
The B3 is a military vehicle that is
invisible in the dark,
the driver uses night goggles.

Lowering the window
someone inside,
who is suddenly visible
as The B3 drives up
alongside Angel and V,
propositions them;
“Hey, you like to come with us …
to Russia?”
He smiles.

Angel and V walk over to the opening
and look inside.
“OK.” Angel says.
V starts to crawl in the window opening
and Angel laughs,
then pushes her on
and climbs in after her.

They organize themselves in the backseat, their bodies spilling over all the boundaries.
“Who are you?”
Asks Angel.

“We are just here to escort you
to a meeting.”

“Call your boss.”
Angel is looking at his hard on.
She starts to unbuckle him.
The escort calls.
She takes him out
and starts pumping him up.
“Oh, Big Purple Banana.”

The Boss answers.
“Just give me the phone.”
She continues to pump …
the escort is crushed.

Now it is just Angel’s face on the phone. “Angel NicGillicuddy
at your service.
I’m just confirming”
she continues pumping on the escort
while V and the other escort watch,
“about the subject matter regarding our meeting;
The official declaration
of demurrage on The … Ruble,
is that right?”

“Of course Angel.
Why else would I meet with you?”
And she switches the phone
to show her escort’s face
as she pumps faster,
he comes like a fountain
then passes out.

“Tell everyone
we are coming now,
and will be there soon.
Tell the press too.
Tell them there’s going to be
A Money Fuck,
A Paper Money Orgy.
First declaring demurrage
on the Russian Ruble,
then declaring demurrage
on all US dollars
The United Russian States.

From now on
no more negotiating
in terms of hoardable money.
We have notified all of our industries
and they have agreed,
they know this is the best thing to do
for The Worker.
Communism is all about The Worker,
just look at the Russian flag.
Is that all y’all?”
She looks over at V and the other escort.

V rubs her tits on her new friend
and replies,
“Protect us from The Enemy.
No more hoardable money.
Thank you.”

“One more question. Angel says.
You have
The Active Currency Policy
Show me your face.”

She, The Boss, nods.

Russel Lee Morris

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