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Angel NicGillicuddy in Donetsk

Getting to know paper US dollars
and how they work
in newly independent regions,
even in the midst of war.
It’s not a big secret
but mainstream media won’t touch it,
they would rather talk about
counterfeit money
and money laundering,
neither of which even comes close
to outperforming
The US Dollar with demurrage,
declaring demurrage on your paper
US Dollar Reserves.
I’m talking about the real paper US dollar.

Continuing from the previous article
where we left off
just after Angel
The Money Gate
Movie clip:

Angel and V sleep over with the soldier boy,
leaving before he wakes up.
Requests to meet them begin to circulate. They give it a day,
and got a massage at The Spa Atlas.
That evening they go to a nice restaurant to eat, E-Moe’s
Having a drink at the bar,
even before they are seated,
a young woman comes to meet them,
“Hi, Angel and V, right?
I’m Yum,
it’s a pleasure
to meet you.
How would you like to come with me
to Mirror City?
I’ll introduce you to some nice guys
who grow wonderful product,
they are very interested
in making a deal with you.
they use rusting money.”

Angel and V look at each other.
Then they look back at Yum.
And then,
a surprise;
all three just happen to take
a nice deep breath
at the same time.
Angel nods her head, yes.
Then V,
then Yum.
They pay the bill,
leave a nice tip,
and head to Mirror City.

Soon they are sitting
in front of a nice fireplace
in a café called
in coal country, not West Virginia,
but Donetsk,
and eventually ‘coal sludge’
is mentioned in the conversation
and then growing industrial hemp cannabis and then,
in the cleaned up fields,
growing cannabis for medicine as well
and then
declaring demurrage
on the paper US dollars,
and Donald Trump.

And so begins
the negotiations,
and the tempering,
using the paper US dollar with demurrage.

You probably think,
impossible to stamp
and regulate
so much paper money.
I say, it is very possible, even easy
compared to managing hoardable money, and much cheaper too.
Silvio Gesell was preparing to run
a whole national economy
stamping paper money.
He knew it would take
a very short period of time,
less than one year,
before success was apparent to all.
So does Donald Trump.

All money circulates in sync with the sun, exchanging places very quickly,
as fast as particles in an atom these days.
The demurrage charges on all of THIS money in circulation
is a shared cost,
which is relatively inexpensive,
relative because money
which exchanges at a very fast pace;
with a healthy velocity,
requires very little volume;
of money.

The demurrage charges on the money
in circulation
are paid by everyone collectively,
ultimately and eventually
that charge will equate
to what Silvio Gesell calls
‘basic interest’,
and this
is the cost price
which we,
as participants in the economy,
are willing to pay
in order to NOT fall back into
no money
primitive production
and barter.

For over 2000 years,
it is proven,
we are willing to pay 5 to 6%
for the convenient advantageous use
of money
to help us exchange our goods.
This is the demurrage charge,
it is variable
for adapting to any conditions,
even war,
even natural disasters,
and of course
climate changes
and migration.

It’s almost like natural,
except that it takes a conscious choice
by the user;
hoardable money
unhoardable money with demurrage; declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.

you didn’t have a choice,
you didn’t even know the money was hoardable.
All you knew was ‘money’.

“We made that choice a long while ago.”
 Says their new friend Yum
who picked them up at the
E-Moe’s bar.
She lights a joint,
and passes it around.

More to come,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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