Angel NicGillicuddy Secret Meeting in Russia

Driving all night
The Big Black Barracuda (B3)
reaches the destination,
deep in the forest
in a very old castle
in a majestic room
sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace,
the fire is crackling,
it’s very quiet and peaceful.

Angel takes a deep breath
and stretches her arms up over her head,
her shirt stretching
till a button pops off
and …
Relaxing again,
she doesn’t notice anything …
but she’s got everyone’s attention now.

“I think we should start by
declaring demurrage
on the Russian Ruble first,
since all the sanctions interfere so much
with dollar business.

So, how to proceed?
Lots of weak US dollars, getting weaker,
are now being exchanged for Rubles
to buy fuel and other things
at least until new sources can be arranged.
What happens to those dollars
that were exchanged for Rubles?
Well, who creates Rubles?
Russia has them,
minus the money traders fee.

But besides that
and the gold,
just to make sure that The Enemy
does not start vacuuming and hoarding Rubles
out of circulation,
to start manipulating market conditions,
this time using the Rubles
instead of US dollars,
we shall declare demurrage
on the Russian Ruble.
That way we can be sure
that the money circulates,
instead of being held
out of circulation
to cause an eventual money ‘shortage’.
In the American Wild West
it actually used to be called
‘a hold up’.

The focus here is not about digital money. These days of microsecond transactions none of that
just sits somewhere secretly being hoarded out of circulation.
It is a Paper Money
which we are concerned with here.
In particular right now,
the paper Russian Ruble.

Inform everyone right now
to buy books of stamps (Russian stamps)
so that you can pay the demurrage
(holding charges)
every Sunday
from now on,
in case you are planning to hold
cash money, paper that is,
you are certainly free to do that,
but demurrage charges must be paid
up to date
in the form of Russian stamps
on the back of each money note
for the money to be valid
and accepted.

Of course most people and entities
will do the usual
spend, invest, loan, give away
most will probably just put the money
in a bank,
or with some other financial institution,
without ever even cashing out.
Financial institutions will accept it.
They will just do
the same thing they do with money now,
and it will enter circulation.

Good circulation of money
means a healthy economic body,
building (especially of homes)
and refinement of industry
will follow.

Most of us
will not be doing anything different
from what we usually do with money,
but your savings will INCREASE,
because you won’t be forced to use them up getting through recessions
and economic crisis.
The economy will stabilize
when we begin using the stable currency;
money with demurrage
no more recessions,
no more economic crisis.

Money with demurrage (holding charges)
is NOT the same as negative interest,
which is a trick
that leaves the paper US dollar

Stamps on the back of paper money
Russian Rubles
to show that demurrage charges
are paid up to date.

All of the rest of the money is
in circulation
these days of microsecond transactions.”

“Angel I have a question.” V says.
“Do you know that your tits are spilling out?”

Russel Lee Morris

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