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Meets Trump

Angel NicGillicuddy
Meets Trump

Big part of
War Negotiation
“The timing is perfect,
there is a mega surplus of money out there, and economic recession is looming
worse and worse,
and, …
there is a war.

I will be declaring
holding charges (demurrage)
on The US Dollar,
very soon,
your funding will lose its source;
The Swamp,
and all The Swamp Monsters
will quickly dry up.

On April fools day,
all US dollars must be stamped
on the back side
with the appropriate
Post Office stamp
if it is paper,
or else electronically charged
the demurrage fee
for holding.

But you will see that the electronic money will make its way through circulation,
bills being paid, etc.,
very quickly,
all the way back to either
The Farmer
The Miner.
A lot of it, which is SURPLUS money,
will be given back to who it came from;
The Federal Reserve,
and then we will be well on our way
to freeing
The Captive Land.
Even land which is granted, for free,
can fall vulnerable
when there is prolonged calculated forced economic recession/ depression.

Your War Chest
for replenishing ammunition
is about to have a very bad leak.
But I am sure that both of you
have better ways of spending that money. You are welcome to follow my lead.
we call it MAGA.

Make your country great again,
and join us
at the negotiations table.
I myself
have no problem
directing the flow
of money,
I have a plan for that too.

Thank you.
now I invite your comments.”

And the Translator finishes,

Russel Lee Morris
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One comment on “Angel NicGillicuddy
Meets Trump”

  1. Dear Angel, I am really a big fan of your work.. first at The Levant News, now at The Liberum. You always are spot-on in the way poetically analyse global matters.

    Thank you for that. Keep it up.

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