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Angel NicGillicuddy’s latest: Inside the Golden Ring  

It has been a while since we heard from our in-house poet, Angel. The Liberum dedicated a special section of his work where one can learn why mankind could have long ago accomplished the goal of a peaceful home for everyone if not for hoardable money being vacuumed out of circulation to cause periodic decline and fall…


An old man with a long white beard
is standing on the veranda of the top floor 
of a very opulent gothic tower building, 
reading a very small paper note 
with a special pair of glasses. 

We see just briefly 
through his special glasses 
the elaborate letterhead, 


Did I say that the little old man 
is only two feet tall? 
And we are able to read the first few lines of the tiny letter; 
Guard her at all costs, 
and allow her access to 
All Communications Channels First Level. 

He swallows. 
and then 
being with his breathing for a second or tw0,, 
he goes inside, the Sun has just set, 
he sits down, 
places a briefcase on top 
of a beautiful, very old desk, 
opens it with two keys 

(How did he get both keys?)  

and begins typing, … 
using a strange little gadget 
from inside the briefcase: 

40 Wall Street
We acknowledge 
that all of the previous and ongoing attempts to 
instigate The Natural Economic Order fail 
because they ignore 
the fact which Silvio Gesell himself TRUTHed; 
There are only two possibilities,
“Either Government Money 
or no money at all.”  

Trump is on track. 
In the meantime 
instigate The Movement 
to Make The Native Indian Nation Great 
by collaborating with 
Angel NicGillicuddy, 

Love Father Moo-La.

He slips the tiny note inside a tiny tube, 
removes one of the pigeons from 
the dovecote chamber labeled 
“Saint Xavier”, 
and attaches the little tube to the leg of the bird,
then he carries it outside onto the veranda 
and sends it on its way. 
from the story about 
The Sacred Wampum Ceremony  

To be continued …

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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