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Back Again at Uncle Tom’s Cabin

For more lessons about the true message which Harriet Beecher Stowe
meant to be delivered.

I’ll be stepping through this entire book
as well as what led up to it’s
first chapter,
to illuminate The Way
out of the darkness
of all the testing,
which we were REQUIRED
to memorize
certain racist answers for,
instead of having a discussion about
the first chapter,
which the author tried to make clear
right from the beginning.
That way,
in case you were not able to complete
the reading of any more of her book,
at least you would have read
the first few pages which are all about
The True Message of Harriet
which is about
The Money Dilemma,
which was getting worse and worse
even way back then,
so much so
that the money thing;
that sphere of activity which
dominates about 80%
of every persons daily efforts,
had already become
a huge illusion.

I hope you folks will stick with me
and shake loose of the
Test Answers
which we were made to
live by
without practically anybody
having ever even
read a quarter of the book.
And I wonder how many teachers
just memorized the test answers
without reading the book.

... continuing on with chapter one
a little more:
The Slave Trader
worked for
The Money Lender,
who was trying to get the money
owed to him by Tom’s Boss,
the plantation “owner”.
Tom’s Boss * owed MONEY
because he “bought”,
 on credit
with interest, 
hammers, nails, farm tools and equipment from
The Northern Industrialist.
* The American Indian wasn’t the only one this happened to.

The only thing actually owned
is the mortgage note,
and if it’s not paid
the land is the collateral
which must be handed over,
the “owner”
takes aggressive, desperate actions
to TRY
to pay off the loan

For the factory “owner”
that means making interest
the biggest part
of the first 15 years payments,
even if that means payment
in the form of food shipments.

For the plantation “owner”
it means aggressively and desperately working the land
and cutting corners anywhere possible
in order to pay the interest part off
as early as possible,
hopefully before the BUST recession time
of the cycle
comes on.

And the reason for the BUST recession? ...
The PAPER (or in those days the gold and silver) Money
Holders Loaners * (see the footnote
at the end of this article)
begin to fear
that someone in their family
may have to actually work,
and none of them know how to even
fix a leak in the roof
nor a flat tire.
It’s a kind of paranoia,
but it is the basis of what starts the downward trend in our economic situation
even these days.

And here
I am not talking about
nor The King and Queen.

The weapon used by
The Invisible Enemy *
is the PAPER US dollar
(back in the old days
gold and silver)
* you could call it
The Beast
The Ego.
What feeds The Beast
which is forbidden by God.
To make The Beast subservient
keep following me ...
The weapon
which The Beast uses
to manipulate and embarrass
the competition,
the natural born competition
which comes along in every generation,
is money,
hoardable money
to be exact.

The Ego
is the God-given
defense instinct
to protect
The Body;
The Temple of God
on Earth.
Whether that Body, including the brain,
has been distorted or not
is another matter.

Hoardable Money
is the most powerful weapon
of a distorted ego these days.
(How The Ego became so distorted
is a discussion for a little later.)
To disarm this weapon
and and in fact REVERSE
the ill effects of its use
demurrage must be declared on money,
The US dollar.

In time
Tom’s Boss
had lost all his good workers
either because
he had to keep cutting wages (or just not giving raises
to even keep up with
the rising cost of living)
or else
because the good workers had gone off
to start their own business,
making for more competition
and forcing the selling price
of food or cotton
grown on the farm
and lower.
Something Tom’s Boss
was not expecting to happen so drastically,
like when there is a recession
or even just bad headlines.
It makes it pretty hard to pay back a loan.
It means you have to keep on expanding
to be able to sell more
of the goods
at cheaper and cheaper prices.
And that means
renewing and extending the original loan
and probably even taking out
a new loan.

But how is this possible for Tom’s boss
given that he’s already
in a money predicament;
caught in The Creditor’s Trap.
Tom‘s boss had no money left.

The last resort is to buy a slave
which is a one time purchase
(not a wage thing),
with cash money only.

This meant that Tom’s boss had to borrow
a CASH advance,
The most expensive money there is.
Slaves were NOT bought with credit.
What was the captain of the slave ship to do with an IOU?
He or she needed
hard cold cash
in order to buy goods
for the return trip home.

The Slave Trader
was sent by
The Creditor
to repossess
the “property”.
Otherwise Tom’s boss, actually his son, would lose the farm
and then
ALL of his slaves would be sold to liquidate, and that means going
“down the river”
to Simon Legree,
a man who practices usury so much
that he is very good at it;
Usury had become his best talent.

However, he knows not what he is doing,
like Jesus said.

Why did The Serpent
give The Apple
to Eve
instead of Adam? ...
Where was Adam?

Because he knew
that Man
is subservient to Woman
and will naturally
try his best to please her.

The Plan was
to attract the Woman
with the money (The Apple)
and it worked. Why? ...
Because at first
became the Money,
and everyone already looked at gold
with pleasure and desire.

Back to Tom’s boss’s predicament ...
Why is being sold “down the river”
further south
considered such a bad thing? ...
Because that is where the slave trading began;
at the port where the slaves were coming in. And that is where,
due to MORE slaves being available to work, the wage problem was worse ...
like at Simon Legree‘s farm.

the problem is not necessarily at the port
(or the border),
because someone is “helping” these slaves to be “free”
further inland or to the north.
So now we have
The Simon Legree syndrome
spreading everywhere in the country,
and the world.
Simon Legree was known to use
his own handpicked slaves
to whip the other slaves
into submission.
And this is the true definition of
a whipping boy.
It is all in the book.

But let us never forget,
now there is a solution to the wage problem and slavery
and the rest of the illusion,
and it came to us through
The Messenger
of Silvio Gesell;
Declare demurrage
on the US dollar. *

President Biden
could do this right now,
with an executive order
because it has to do with the paper
US dollar;
Treasury Money,
not a Federal Reserve Note.
All you have to do
is look at the physical paper money
of the 1930s to see
when somebody
let the credit trap close it’s jaws tight
on our leg,
so bad that eventually
a man or a woman
would chew his or her leg off
to try to escape.
The “free” person would then
be crippled
and that crippled person
is not doing so well today
The rest are screaming,
still stuck in the trap.

More from UncleTom’s Cabin is coming.
I invite your comments and questions.

All is well for me.
I am in the beautiful underground
majestic city of
Peace to you,
Angel NicGillicuddy

* The money HOLDERS
back in England and Scotland,
and the Vikings of the shipping Empire; Denmark Sweden Norway
with sooo much cash money
stolen long ago from as far away as
The Middle East
in The Levant Region

Russel Lee Morris
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