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Betting on the Real Election Results (it can happen in any country)

This evening there is a bright new crescent moon.
“We are going to meet with our very special guide.”
Angel NicGillicuddy is holding a magic bottle, home to her friend Silvio Gesell,
in her lap,
sitting around a small fire
with her trusty friends V and Mosley.
The bottle gets warm as she rubs it,
the top is blown off and sparks fly,
then a stream of smoke oozes out and
into the lap of Angel.
She leans back,
keeping one hand firmly on the bottle,
but the smoke engulfs
her whole body
and then suddenly
there is Silvio
sitting next to Angel.

“It’s nice to know why,
in reincarnating,
that I do indeed
hoardable money,
unchanged for thousands of years,
The Beast, USURY.
The innate reaction of ego is what stirs it. Ego is a God-given characteristic
which is there to protect The Temple;
The Body, including the Mind.
Whether or not that temple is distorted
is another matter. 
There is only one way
to make The Beast subservient,
and that is to declare demurrage
on the US dollar.
There is either government money
or no money at all.
I, Silvio Gesell said that.
We have learned;
alternative currencies can just be outlawed.
See the article,
The Worgl Story Uncensored

The Journey
declaring demurrage
on the US dollar
The Path
on Earth.
I have returned to deliver this
And now I have a question for you Angel.” …
Silvio stands and walks over to sit with Mosley and V.
What do you say, Angel my dear,
Trump Media and Technology Group Corp.
Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Angel smiles, “Good question.
It’s a bet
on all the Trump followers;
more than half The USA,
not to mention all the Trump followers
in other countries around the world.
And Trump knows about betting.
He also knows all about what can happen
in the casino business
when the only money used
is hoardable;
able to be held back and vacuumed up.
He has learned.

Being in the private sector again for a while
is the perfect position to be in
before returning to
The Egg (The Oval Office) 
where the official order can be made
to declare demurrage
on the US dollar.
Along the way
Trump Media and Technology Group Corp
will assure that the information is seen
for understanding
the difference between
hoardable money
and unhoardable money with demurrage,
how hoardable money
has been used (misused)
to manipulate market conditions
according to
The Old Cash Mob Elite

You can be assured that Trump
is not part of this Mob
nor does he approve of their ways.
He is not hoarding money,
but confidently investing it
back into circulation;
ultimately back to the people,
all the hard workers,
and that includes himself of course.

He will enlighten us each step of the way,
just like Silvio Gesell did,
including how using
unhoardable money
with demurrage
will assure that the markets are free
and never able to be manipulated again,
and that money (the blood
of the body economic)
flows freely;
without interference nor interruption
nor distortion,
forever refining all industries
and literally
refining our relationships with each other minus the gluttonous huge burden
of the scary monster
The Beast; USURY
which hoardable money has been feeding
for 2500 years.

Using The US dollar with demurrage
will also assure
the success
of deals already done;
The Abraham Accords,
and probably including many other deals
just on the brink of being revealed or
agreed upon.

If you want to get in on a sure bet
to assure that
The Kingdom
for God
To Come
you must be able to see
with both eyes open, not just one.
You must understand
not just the dogma of hoardable money,
but you must also understand
unhoardable money
with demurrage,
you will BE ABLE
to make a choice,
in fact,
you will truly have a choice …
whereas ever since money was first used here
on Earth,
you have never had a choice;
only hoardable money
and The Beast;
the other Master
which battles it out in your head
and in your heart
and in your body
and in your relationships with yourself
and each other
and in the environment which you live in,
real and even imaginary,
as in what a six year old might have
in mind;
USURY or Love,
USURY or God,
USURY or The Environment?
Just search
“choice declare demurrage
on The US dollar”
on www.the-levant.com

Did you get all that Mosley?”

“I did.”
To know more about Mosley see the article
A Meeting Deep in The Desert

Get your ticket, invest in
and follow the news all about it here at
The World Leader
for accurate information about Silvio Gesell and The Natural Economic Order
declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
Angel NicGillicuddy

The official statement about
Trump Media and Technology Group
Digital World Acquisition Corp.
was made December 4, 2021
on Twitter @realLizUSA

Russel Lee Morris
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