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Betting on Trump

Angel suddenly intervenes,
“Listen, before this train moves on to Iran
I have to stop by my Grandpa’s bar
in Scotland
near Turnberry,
to place a bet
with The Abdella Brothers.
All my money.
That’s right, all of it
on Trump.
Biden will never be able
to compete with Trump,
regardless of which one
is living in The White House,
and besides,
I like the sound of
‘The South shall rise again’
Capital Mar-a-Lago.
The Mainstream News Media
is already publishing heavily against this ...
their so nervous.
Their ratings are dropping,
look at all the cheap ads
running on their stories these days.
They are so desperate,
and slowly becoming a drain
on The Cash Mob Elite,
who are already hedging their bets.

I see a huge nonstop winner,
I’m putting all my money
on Trump.
And I’m sure it’ll be there
if I ever need some of it back.
Thank you Abdella Brothers.”

“And what will The Abdella Brothers
do with all your money? that makes you
so sure
that you can so easily have access to it?”
asks President Trump.

“Well, they will invest it in you,
your organization,
who’s stock will be a sure winner
for many years to come.
Most likely they will never even have to touch any of the principal investment.
Any money I need
will come easily from the profits,
thanks to the strong foundation
you my friend sir
have given to not only the US economy
but the whole world economy.
Thank you President Trump.
The Mainstream News Media
are so far off.
But the bets are moving.
They’ll start becoming nicer soon.”

V: “They know what’s coming.”

“Precisely my dear V,

The real insurance policy;

declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

Russel Lee Morris
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