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Blocked by Mariana van Zeller

Image credits: Mariana van Zeller in better days

I mean,
she talks to people doing shady business
all the time. Why not me?
All I did
was thank her
and ask her if she would help us deliver
The Message
about declaring demurrage
on The US dollar.
See the article called
Attention Workers in The Dark Realms.
I sent inviting respectful tweets.
She never even responded.
I was just blocked.
Or maybe National Geographic
had something to do with it.
They are owned by Walt Disney.
Steve Jobs’ widow
might run a small portion
but not enough to threaten
the portion owned by investment groups,
all of whom are strict disciples of
The Cash Mob Elite.
Not to mention
the influence of
The Trillion Dollar Club
which control the cash ‘drug’ that Disney
and all The Entertainment Empire
depends on,
Mainstream Media ...
which brings us back to
National Geographic
and Mariana Van Zeller
and why I was blocked.

The last time the message about
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
was getting around
a war was instigated.
Sound familiar?

Which brings us to
what the so-called economist experts
are stirring up now;
Civil War
in every country.
Silvio Gesell talks about it in his book
The Natural Economic Order.
The advice the so-called experts
are promoting
is exactly the kind of action
which lead to unhealthy circulation of money, unhealthy economy.
Money is the lifeblood
and for healthy economy
the body economic
must have good circulation
of money.

Stansberry Research
promotes a book called
The New Great Depression
by Jim Rickards.
The book about
how exactly to make a depression happen, with the muzzle over the mouth
of George Washington (on the cover),
the one who led in founding our country trying to break away from these
“advice” givers
and their trick
secret cash money
leverage device.
The New Depression advice
is the biggest fake
economic news
It’s been used over MANY years
a lot,
but it’s not helpful at all
and actually
the very disaster
which we should always
try to avoid.
Just like when The Priests
asked The Oracle,
the advice given
was what led
to disaster.

Does Stansberry Research know anything
about declaring demurrage
on The US dollar?

When you (we) save cash,
more and more,
it’s only because you (we)
And saving cash
removes money
from circulation,
the life blood of our economy
slows down.
That leads to unhealthy economy
which is reflected
in unhealthy
which leads to
and little by little

But a Communistic State (or country)
will never be able to compete
with The Capitalist State (or country),
so talk about Socialism and Communism
is allowed to go on
Even prophetically.
The Globalist Capitalists
are NOT threatened
at all
by this talk.

President Trump is not a Globalist.
And he is not
a socialist nor a communist.

He has the real
Trump Card,
and that is,
declaring demurrage on The US dollar;
The Winning Card.

But of course first
The Deals
had to be made.
And infrastructure
needed to be improved.
And The Military
needed to be strengthened
and moved back home
in order to protect
the hard earned
real wealth.
And by Military
I mean much more than guns and bullets.
And The Wall needed to be built.
The Foundation
needed to be in place;
Energy and Steel (the backbone).

All of this has been achieved
in these last four years.
It HAD to happen
President Trump knew this.
There was always
a Plan
for arriving at the place
demurrage could be declared
on The US dollar.

We are there,
thank you President Trump
and Team
and all
The Hard Workers.

is the only weapon
of civilized man.”
Silvio Gesell.

The Great Ship USA
will lead The Way,
the storm
up down
inflation deflation
sluggish doldrums
over aggressive reactions
pollution causing
illness causing
of Capitalism.

President Trump is sailing us
to The Natural Economic Order.
The wind in our sails
is work
and the money
the sea.
A Great Flood is coming.
The rising
and joining
of everybody
in The Dark Realms,
including the money too;
cash paper US dollars,

Happy sailing
to all the other Nations’ Great Ships
The Great Ship

We are headed
to The Land
of Miracles.

Russell Morris
Angel NicGillicuddy ?

Russel Lee Morris
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