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to Doral.”
says President Trump,
as The Trump Train
is landing for a lunch break.
“Today is the solar eclipse.
Before we continue our journey
I thought we would have a prayer meeting.
A very special prayer meeting
to break
The Spell,
which this world,
including all the people
as well as the land,
is captivated by;

The Spell
that affects everything
which hoardable money touches,
especially the hoardable cash paper
US dollar.
It is called
Let us pray at 1:30 PM today,
when the solar eclipse will be most fully seen and felt
in Buenos Aires Argentina.
That is the place where Silvio Gesell
had his businesses
and studied the money predicament.
Let us pray
that The Message
about declaring demurrage
on The US dollar
becomes clear
to enough people
so that we reach the critical
100 Monkey Effect.
Let us all pray for that
at 1:30 today (Buenos Aires time)
and then just sit quietly for a few more moments.
The rest has been done, we are ready to catch The Wave
from The Great Flood
of hitting money returning from
The Dark Realms,
thank you President Trump and Team.

The Dark Forces
will become unfunded,
The Giants will fall;
Big Tech
Big Money ...
which is the shadow behind Big Tech.
The Media
will become balanced.
The Human Slave Trafficking business
will go bankrupt,
The Basic Income With Demurrage
will be engaged
as the distribution mechanism
for all of the abundance,
which is already created.
Balance and refinement
of our industrial and agricultural complexes will follow
very quickly.
‘Local’ will become more and more local.
ie: very flexible and adaptable
micro factories.
Farmers will be saved.
The Environment
will respond quickly
to become more and more balanced.
The Army of The Unemployed
will be fully activated.
And National Militaries
will be strong and able to defend
the prosperity
of all the hard earned
Unearned Income
will become history.
And there will be
Evil may not ever go away completely,
but when we begin using
unhoardable money with demurrage
we will easily be able
to manage it.
This all begins
with declaring demurrage on the US dollar.
And that is what we are praying for
at 1:30 pm
today December 14, 2020.

Salainte everyone!

Angel NicGillicuddy ?

Russel Lee Morris
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