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Need we say more?

Arthur Blok06/01/2023

Lebanon’s polluted beaches are once again cleaned

What better way to start the new year than with some positive news? Not a […]
The Liberum26/10/2022

The face of liberal democracy’s enemy is white

The Times is virtuosic not only for its ability to bring us news from around the world, […]
Emad Aysha21/10/2022

Yemeni SF, a Galaxy in the Waiting - An interview with Mohammed Al-Shaibani

Dear Mr Mohammed Abd Al-Malik Al-Shaibani, First, thank you for your exciting novel, Sakin Al-Majara […]
The Liberum21/10/2022

Biden's Tech-War Goes Nuclear

“Lots of people don’t know what happened yesterday. To put it simply, Biden has forced […]
The Liberum18/10/2022

Trump posts anti-Semitic warning that “US Jews have to get their act together”

On Sunday morning, former President Donald Trump criticized “US Jews” for not being more “appreciative” […]
The Liberum17/10/2022

'Elon’s gonna Elon': Musk wants Pentagon to pay for donated satellite program Ukraine’s military now depends on

With many of Ukraine’s mobile/wireless and internet networks having been destroyed during Russia’s invasion of […]
Glen Kalem-Habib16/10/2022

Hilda, the Woman Who Fell in Love with Kahlil Gibran and Mikhail Naimy

One of Gibran’s pencil drawings that were relatively unknown was recently brought to my attention: […]
The Liberum14/10/2022

How the booming spyware industry is making life hell for journalists around the world

A new report lays out a grim picture of how surveillance tech has helped governments […]
The Liberum11/10/2022

What US policymakers don’t get about the Iranian people

According to author Assal Rad, identity has been shaped by opposition to government — and […]
The Liberum08/10/2022

Why We Can't Have Nice Things—Like Socialism—in the United States

The never-ending impact of a forgotten Blitzkrieg against the American left. By Adam Hochschild Donald […]
The Liberum07/10/2022

Ukrainian Disinformation Agency Re-issues its Black List of 35 High Profile Americans including Tucker Carlson Accused of Disseminating Russian Propaganda Narratives

The Ukrainian government again included me on their list for publishing a new peace proposal […]
The Liberum05/10/2022

Why Elon Musk is right

Don’t kill the messenger, but listen: America’s approach to this tragic war in Ukraine requires […]
The Liberum04/10/2022

New poll shows people distrust think tanks even more than media

Americans want policy groups to be transparent about funding and avoid conflicts of interest. By […]
The Liberum02/10/2022

Edward Snowden: An American in Moscow

When the Trump administration obtained an indictment of Edward Snowden for violation of the Espionage […]
The Liberum01/10/2022

School Wars — An Analysis 

Part I – Political Commissars In its original sense, the term “political commissar” or a “supervisory officer […]
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