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“How could that be? I’m a huge MAGA fan,
and I like Donald Trump.”
Angel NicGillicuddy sits back
to review the two posts that were pulled aside for investigation.
“I know what the big deal is,
it’s interest, and the ‘traditional’ hoardable money, Satan’s trick magic money token which hasn’t changed in 1000s of years,
even used by the ancient civilizations of
The Amazon Forest.
in Egypt too, the desert,
same pyramid structures,
same money
which made it possible to build these miraculous structures.
Too bad the money was hoardable,
too bad demurrage (holding charges)
wasn’t declared on the money,
more than HALF The Resplendent Forest
would still be standing,
and so would the pyramids,
even greater.’
Angel thinks to herself, 
as she reviews the first of her posts
censored by TRUTH Social:

Old Jerusalem
New Jerusalem (Mapia,Brazil)
Come in New Jerusalem
Come in New Jerusalem.
I’m going to tell my story
clear as the light of day.
Following this truth of
The Empire Juramidam.
May God in Heaven present
The Lord King Solomon …
including the part about
the hoardable gold money
which was vacuumed out of circulation, and which was the reason
His Kingdom
split in two, …
sound familiar? A little like
The American Civil War,
it was.
It’s a very old strategy,
and it doesn’t have anything to do with
race, color, religion, culture.
It is about money.

So that it does not happen in
New Jerusalem
the same decline,
demurrage (holding charges)
must be declared
on the money.

Old Jerusalem to
New Jerusalem
are you there?
This is WHUM
Messenger for The Hummingbird
coming from deep inside
The Amazon Forest,
are you there?
New Jerusalem, Mapia Brazil,
Padrinho Paolo Roberto.


 Angel NicGillicuddy
Do you think they are receiving our message Jordan?”

He looks at me, and takes a deep breath. Relaxing … and being with the breathing,
“Oh yes.
They are.”

The Second Post by me
Censored by TRUTH Social.

Working on the creation of the first little book about money for Mapia School System.
What happened to the previous civilizations that lived here?
Lost Cities of The Amazon
Discovered from The Air
Smithsonian magazine,
May 25, 2022.
Why were the great pyramids abandoned? These miraculous civilizations suffered a very long forced and planned
Economic Recession Depression.
Why? …
Because their money
was vacuumed out of circularization
by the explorers,
who already were in debt, with interest,
to their financiers.
It would have never happened,
the pyramid construction
would have continued,
the vast majority of the Amazon forest which has ever been cut down to this very day
would still be standing,
the human creating miracles
much greater than Jesus, like He said,
if the money would have carried
holding charges (demurrage).
In that case,
the explores could’ve taken the gold,
The money system
would have never flinched,
strong and resilient,
it would have continued to support
the division of labor;
where the workload is shared
amongst many workers,
those workers being paid money.
Creation would have carried on as usual,
and risen to even greater heights.

The moral of the story:
Never use hoardable money
what kind of money
do you think we should use
to rebuild
The Empire Juramidam,
so that we are assured
that it remains forever,
refining and shining brilliant
for all the world to notice.
Tell us Jordan,
what do you say?”

“ONLY unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).
Demurrage (holding charges)
must be declared
on the money,
just like Jesus said.”

“Salainte Jordon!
This is WHUM
Messenger for The Hummingbird
coming to you from deep
inside the Amazon Forest,
Mapia, Brazil
PURUS Nation.

These posts were taken from
YouTube comments
in response to a Call
from Padrinho Paolo Roberto
during his interview
by Mitchell Rabin
A Better World TV
October 3, 2022.
As of this day December 13, 2022
and with all the celestial bodies
aligned beautifully,
several direct request invitations
have been made
to join us,
and we are awaiting reply patiently.

Thank you to a better world TV,
Mitchell Rabin
and Padrinho Paolo Roberto
and thank you to YouTube,
for presenting this opportunity
to welcome The Welcome
The Celestial Beings righteously
into a world without USURY,
in fact
where the USURY Curse
has been REVERSED,
A world that reflects what
God said to Moses,
“The Land Is Mine,
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.”

There’s a much better way, and that is why we are here,
to show the way of
The Natural Economic Order,
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell,
Messenger of The Hummingbird
coming to you from
Mapia, Brazil
Capital of PURUS Nation
Heart of
The Santo Diame Church

Russel Lee Morris
The Liberum runs on your donation. Fight with us for a free society.
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