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Ceu do Mapia
Mirror City

Image credits: Laundered dollars hanging on a rope with clothespins

(The national program
for the strengthening of
family farming) 
finances over 300 family farms
working on specially designated land
deep in The Amazon,
in terms of, or using,
the usual
hoardable money.
is the capital of this Land,
The Purus National Forest,
deep in The Amazon,
The budget for this project
as of the year 2008
was 5.8 BILLION
US Dollars,
that’s plenty of money
already issued,
whether it is all circulating nicely
is doubtful, as usual,
when using hoardable money
to run an economy,
but we will change that.
We will coerce the medium
of exchange
to flow smoothly
with The Money Charm.
Do you remember
what The Money Charm is?”
I asked Jordan.

He took a deep breath,
cleared his mind,
and being with the breathing,
here is what he said,
“The Money Charm
The Two Edged Sword
Coming from the Mouth,
one edge of the sword is
declaring demurrage (holding charges)
on the hoardable money,
the other edge of The Two Edged Sword is
Renting God’s Land
not selling it.

USURY is forbidden in God’s Kingdom
God said to Moses:
The Land is Mine,
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.”

“Very good Jordan.
And now let us continue with the story.
1994 was the year this project,
was kicked off,
so we are approaching the 30 year mark,
and many farmers
who took out loans in the beginning,
are most likely already feeling
the hunger of
The Beast, USURY,
and being forced
to take shortcuts
or subtly cheat,
even though they would rather not,
just to be able to pay their bills.
This is true,
especially since the global pandemic.
The main stream media made sure of this.

and The Forest
need help,
and that is why I am here.”

“I’m with you Angel NicGillicuddy.”
little Jordan says
as they walk along a path in Mapia
on their way to have a drink
in some public coffee shop.

When they arrive, there are plenty of people just hanging out.
Angel and Jordan have a seat at a very conspicuous table,
to be all by themselves in the café
they proceed to discuss
The Money Charm Plan
the effects of USURY,
which are devouring the forest
and the people
of Purus National Forest

“The Beast
must be made subservient little Jordan, killing it will not do the trick.”

Jordan is completely absorbed
in our conversation.
“How?” he asks,
excited and ready for action.

Some other people in the café
have moved closer to our table,
it is obvious they are listening,
some are even translating
what we are saying.

“We must use
The Two Edged Sword
Coming from the Mouth,
it comes from my mouth,
and can come from your mouth too.”

Jordan is leaning over the table
listening closely,
and I sense major attention
from all the people in the café now,
it didn’t take long.
They are all feeling the intense pressure
of the impending doom
as The Beast
is getting bigger and bigger
and more dominant,
even in their heavenly little spot
so deep in The Amazon.

“Don’t worry Little Jordan,
The Beast
shall serve us very soon,
in fact,
Satan himself,
being the worst and
of the law of USURY,
which has invaded
and taken over God’s Kingdom,
shall be our biggest helper after …

I paused just a second or two,
took a deep breath, naturally,
and exhaled, naturally.
being with the breathing,
I said very clearly,
… after demurrage (holding charges)
is declared
on the hoardable money.”

Jordan repeated it in Portuguese,
‘after declaring demurrage (holding charges) on the hoardable money’.”
And then he took a deep breath, himself, exhaling, all very naturally and relaxed,
and all the people in the room were nicely, and naturally, 
now being with the breathing,
not changing it,
or interfering with it at all,
just observing,
am I exhaling or am I inhaling?
and affirming in their mind
what is.
And listening.

“This is the first edge of
The Two Edged Sword.”
and we all paused,
observing the breathing.

Since the land is already
the second edge of
The Two Edged Sword
will be easy to accomplish;
If you own a piece of property
and are having a hard time
making mortgage payments,
and paying your other bills,
this land
can be given back,
the ‘owners’ will all be compensated,
to the nation, Purus,
and each parcel (just the land,
not the structures)
rented to the highest bidder **
** see the article
Trying to Confiscate Trump’s Property

The money from this rent
will be divided equally
given to all mothers,
depending on how many children they have.

The rental lease will be for a term
of 20 years,
whereby all negotiations with
The Purus Nation
from this time on
are by law,
required to be in terms of
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).”

There was plenty of translating
going on in the room,
air magic.

“With your help,
I am prepared to open
The First National Purus Bank
of Free-Money,
money which is freed to circulate
as it should,
and managed absolutely
based on the national reserve
of goods agricultural and mineral
which are ‘sitting on the shelf’
so to say,
and ready to be picked up,

God said to Moses:
The Land is Mine,
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.

is Forbidden
in God’s Kingdom.

What is USURY?
It is not interest,
interest is a result

in it’s worst and most powerful form,
is manipulating a persons actions
by embarrassing them,
holding back the one thing
which they need,
it is not love which is being held back,
it is money.

Who is holding the most cash paper money (US dollars for the most part)
is the biggest most monstrous
and that is

shall make Satan
when demurrage (holding charges)
is declared
on the hoardable money,
we shall turn Satan’s weapon,
which he has used against us all, 
who were created in God’s image,
for thousands of years,
we shall turn this weapon
against Satan himself,
and he shall become subservient.

“Amen.” said Jordan.
And then everyone in the café
softly said,
I noticed one person sneaking off.

Very soon
you will see them come after me,
just like they came after
and Muhammad too,
and Silvio Gesell.
I will need your protection.”

Jordan came over to my chair
and he sat in my lap,
putting his arms around me
he said,
with you.”

And all the people in the room
seemed to move closer to us.

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