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Cheaters will be caught

Late one night
I heard a very subtle
upon the door.
I just went with my gut
and answered.
I drew the door back slowly and I saw nothing through the crack and still nothing even as the door
became wide-open.
I was puzzled. Something made me look down and they’re standing right in front of me was a lizard with long purple dreadlocks.
He motioned for me to
move closer and listen.
And this is what he said.

If you think
“Probably a lot of people
are cheating
and trying to get more
from the government
Covid “Bridge” Money
in The USA”
keep in mind,
the designers of this
Covid Money Bridge USA
are very familiar with the game of cheating.
They know the cheating
They were FORCED
to adapt
to using a defective form of money;
a money which can be hoarded;
removed from circulation
in the world of Light,
and which sneaks off and down
into the underground world;
The Dark Realms.
There it circulates
to feed
The Beast
and The Dark Forces

These Designers
know all
of the crooked options,
even the ones most people have no idea about.
All of this has been
completely worked into the programming.
A red flag
will be thrown
and the referee will
Call on you
if you try to cheat.

And there will be penalties.
The same Designers
also know
the best
forms of penalty.

These Designers
know The Leaders
The Dark Realms.
They are not afraid.
They are well
“The Two Edged Sword”,
which is
Free Money
(Money free-ed
to circulate without
Free-ed Land
from the captivity of ownership;
Land rented
from The Peoples’ Land Trust)

This is
The Two-Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth,
like in
The Bible.
Like in
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.

Our Great Ship USA
is heading for uncharted waters,
but rest confident,
our Captain has his hand on the wheel,
and nothing interferes
with his steering.
He is even safely steering us around
The Covid Monster.
Lazer Focus
is keeping us
and our money
on a very steady
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
That is The North Star
which we are
Every unexpected event has not been worked out,
but because we are following this very special
The Captain shall
be able to keep us on course.
we will see the shores
of a very special new world.
As we get closer
it will all become more clear.

Our Captain
is taking us there.
The Great Ships of all Nations
are welcome to follow
or join.” He finished.

And then
the little lizard messenger
and bowed,
his long purple dreadlocks
tumbled onto the the floor in front of him.

I invited him in
to have some tea,
and so that we could chat about this
a little bit more.

To be continued...
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Crow’s Nest

From where I am sitting
I can see
a beautiful
full moon
Lazer Focus
is what I wish
for The Captain.

Russel Lee Morris
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