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China Protecting It’s
Money Decision

China is ALREADY
using a Yuan with
demurrage (holding charges).
They started October 2020 **
just before President Trump was confirmed for his second term as president.
Trump won,
but Biden was the one confirmed by
Mainstream Media
ever since.
More than half of America
still confirm Trump though.
So Xi Jinping got the jump on Trump
declaring demurrage (holding charges)
on the money.
It’s been more than two years since.

Trump is still not worried though,
his expertise is
USING money
not stashing it away.
Although some may say that he is
building up a Cash war chest,
the only reason he would do this is because
he knows that when
demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on The US Dollar,
that stash will WORK
as if it were 10 times bigger,
more effective and efficient
than the hoardable US Dollar
will EVER be.
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
in combination with
Trump Freedom Cities
The Natural Economic Order.
MbS has got the idea,
congratulations UAE
cheers to NEOM.

A big reason you see
so much military escalation these days
is because
The Money Power Establishment
and their Central Banks,
will become Subservient when
demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on the money.

they dropped a bomb on
Silvio Gesell, WW1,
as his book
The Natural Economic Order
was spreading all across the world,
even as far as Australia.
Not an easy thing to do back in those days.

they dropped a bomb on Japan, WW2
as Japan and India
(Netaji, Subhas Chandra Bose)
were negotiating a trade deal
in terms of
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
based on the ideas of Silvio Gesell,
Netaji knew it all intimately.

Now they want to drop a bomb on China.
MSM will not be allowed to say this,
but it is because
China is ALREADY
using a yuan with
demurrage (holding charges)
since October 2020,
My guess is that it is working very well
and that they are about to make
a trade deal with Brazil,
another country where
The Natural Economic Order
is not a stranger.
President Bolsonaro could tell you,
but The Money Power Establishment
hate him
like they hate Trump,
so no MSM about any of this,
unless it is written in some kind of distorted, confusing, scary way.

And why do you think Russia and China
are meeting now?
It is because Russia had the
detailed documents **
stolen from Silvio Gesell
by Winged Soldiers on big white horses;
The Hussars.
** Active Currency Policy,
details by the expert
about declaring
demurrage (holding charges)
on the money.
** reference the publication by
The Free Economy Publishing Company
San Antonio, Texas
by Hugo R. Fack.
Try looking this information up,
you’ll have to dig deep,
but it is there.
I found it,
go to
on YouTube
thank you Robert Wade RIP
@russellmorris4050 YouTube.

to be continued …
ask me a question.

Russel Lee Morris

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