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Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. - Leonardo DaVinci.

Arthur Blok

Trump’s New York indictment is a subversion of democracy

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's indictment concerning hush money payments has led to an outcry […]
The Liberum

The Lebanese waiting room

I was asked to write an analytical piece about life in Lebanon. Life? Lebanon? I […]
Talal Chami

Talal Chami’s latest short story: Wesley Ruggles live from Jurassic Suburbia

Arthur Blok

The absurdity and dangers of the woke agenda: enough is enough

A radical left-woke agenda is smoothly being rolled-out over the Western world. Brought to us […]
Russel Lee Morris

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit
(part one)

Hidden secret notes fromThe Reform Club Meeting Venturing 101,Starting withThe Recession Plan:Cashing out,in fact even […]
Emad Aysha

Sci-Fi Throwbacks – What James Bond can tell us about new age globalisation

Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories. --- Arthur C. Clarke I’m […]
Arthur Blok

Episode 05 | Woke and the dangers of radical inclusion

In this latest episode, Paul Cliteur and Arthur Blok discuss the so-called 'Woke agenda'. An […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili

Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili: "How Deep is the Decay in Today’s Global banking industry?"

Various questions linger: what’s been happening in the banking sector? Is it just a hiccup? […]
Marita Kassis

Daylight savings puts Lebanon in two time zones as sectarian rhetoric resurfaces

A governmental decision to push daylight savings by a few weeks sends the country in […]
Arthur Blok

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman takes the lead in the region by signing a deal with Iran

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s plans to reform and reposition his country in the […]
Arthur Blok

Lebanese folklore, and history are sources of inspiration for modern-day artist Wael Hamadeh

Wael Hamadeh (54) has been an artist since early childhood. He uses any material he […]
Russel Lee Morris


Attention Environmentalists.President Trumphas the better plan for the environmentand the approachfor it’s healingand long termsustainability;Full […]
Nikola Mikovic

The fate of Vladimir Putin: a prison cell or death by anger?

Politically, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a living corpse. The arrest warrant the International Criminal […]
Arthur Blok

International NGOs using Lebanon’s misery for their agenda, a practical example

Lebanon became synonymous with a political and economic mess. The land of the Cedar exports […]
Russel Lee Morris

Trump Freedom Cities

President Trump has once againlet the lightof The Natural Economic Ordershine through,in his latest video […]