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Encrypted Message

About declaring demurrage on The US dollar:

Angel meets with
the GCHQ code breakers
at the headquarters of
The Persian Pigeon Post ( PPP )

“ Word about the
money revelations
of Silvio Gesell
were part of the secret message you found,
David Martin,
at Bletchley Park,
of conservative Milton Keynes,
Buckinghamshire, Surrey.

Back then,
delivering this message to X02
would have changed the conclusions
of The World War,
the fate of The Cash Mob Elite
and the future, now the history,
of our world
in a truly miraculous way.

somebody stuffed the bird and it’s message into the chimney,
Ah ha !
How did Beatrix know this?
The Fairy Caravan by Beatrix Potter,
Santa’s Retirement, the-levant.com
The Faerie Letter, the-levant.com

Who stuffed the bird down the chimney and why? I can help you solve the mystery.
It all has to do with
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

The Spirit of Silvio Gesell is back.


Angel NicGillicuddy
The Levant News

Russel Lee Morris
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2 comments on “Encrypted Message”

  1. For deeper intel see the little book
    Beatrix Potter ;
    her last attempt to help us understand
    the secret message about
    The Cash Mob Elite
    and their hoardable money leverage device.
    She would have been glad to know
    that the dark and distorted manipulation
    can be fixed.
    Declare demurrage on The US dollar .
    Thank you Beatrix,
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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