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Grabbing a pinch of neck skin
and lifting a horse like giant cock.
A stream of piss goes flying,
the sun reflecting sparkling gold droplets, shooting across the sky in a swirling motion, which resembles the double helix twist
of a DNA strand. **
Angel is caught
Staring into each others eyes,
both focus on being with the breathing,
both just happen to take a nice, relaxing deep breath,
not intentionally just spontaneously,
and then
being with just what the breath is doing, naturally,
they exhale,
relaxing and continuing to witness
the breathing.

The boy tries to tuck horsey
back into his pants,
but now he’s growing big and stiff.

“Like a magic wand!”
Angel says to him.

She walks over,
and from beside him
she takes hold of horsey 
a couple inches below the head
as it all swells thicker.
Her hand is shaking,
she’s surprised,
she holds loosely for just a few seconds,
and then starts pumping,
like cocking a semi automatic shotgun, pumping through 4 inches each time
up and down
up and down,
she looks on,
her lips are swollen, juicy like a cherry,
and her mouth is open,

Now it is just Angel
and the big fat hard cock,
she swallows,
and getting her act together,
she continues the pumping
while she says,
and slightly provocatively,
leaning her mouth into his neck and ear,
“President Trump is planning to declare
demurrage (holding charges)
on money,
The US Dollar,
including of course
US Dollar.
Plan B:
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
just in case things get too bad
before the 2024 re-re-election.”

What happens to all of the cash
paper money
which the Favella (Brazil) workers
bring back home with them?
The Favella workers knew
through experience
just what the city folks would pay a lot for:
sex and drugs,
that’s not like a new discovery by the way.
So those are the businesses
which received the first loans of
surplus cash
which cash did accumulate
as the workers kept going to work in the city
and bringing more and more
cash paper money
back home with them
to Favella.
These two businesses meant
LOTS more
cash paper money would be
coming back home
with the Favella workers
as their new products started selling
and the channels for distribution

Angel stopped pumping,
just lightly holding the hot vibrating cock
to keep it from blowing,
she kissed his neck,
and eventually continued,

“Lots of cash money was, is
being removed from the big cities circulation,
and going into Favella
hand delivered.
So where is all the money?
A lot of it goes as pay off
to keep the police on their side.
The drug and sex businesses.
There are Favellas all over the world,
it’s nothing unique to Brazil.
The worldwide network of business leaders
who come from
The Favellas
know the cash business
better than anyone.
Nobody else comes close to their game.
And they leave no trail,
like an Invisible Enemy.
A lot of money and time is wasted trying to ‘catch them’.

So what happens to all of this business
when demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on money?
the economy will get launched,
it will be much easier to get a job,
lots of new opportunities,
like you can’t even imagine,
will be presented,
hiring signs everywhere,
take your choice.
Drugs and sex businesses
will still be around,
but not in the same way,
workers will have a choice,
you won’t be forced
by financial crisis
into submission.”

Angel finishes her message
and looks down,
the horse cock vibrates and pulses,
Angel speeds up the pumping,
and blasts of cum
begin overflowing.

Look for it in the movies.

** thank you Viktor Schauberger,
Nature as Teacher,
Callum Coats

Russel Lee Morris
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