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G20 Special Report on Hoardable Money

Image credits: G 20 summit in Indonesia. Photo courtesy Hafidz Mubarak

The same old trick
but now on The World Stage,
where everyone with a TV,
computer or phone
can be a

Angel and V
are hanging out in an old local bar,
it’s pretty dark just candles for light,
a man comes to sit with them.
and they all raise their drinks.
“I want to make a deal with you.”
Angel and V take a nice deep breath
and scooch closer to him,
and get cozy,
everything about them
their new friend.

He takes a nice deep breath,
and then exhales,
leaning back
as Angel and V
move just a little closer.

“But first
a little bedtime story.

You might recognize parts of this story
as things that happened just before
The US Civil War,
but now they are happening
in Ukraine,
and like before,
with no mention at all
by Mainstream Media.
It’s a very old story.

After foreclosure warnings were sent
to the farmer plantation owners,
if payments were far overdue,
mobs or terrorists
were sent
to burn down the house,
I’m not talking about Putin here …

Maybe it looked like
the mob terrorists
were after the black folks **
(these days any slave of any color
can be substituted here)
but not really.
They got paid to burn down the house
and the slaves
escaping (immigrants)
were just a convenient side effect
which benefited
the slave hunters,
who had already arranged
a sure fire buyer of the slave;
In The US Civil War it was
The Northern Factory owners
who needed CHEAP labor
in order to be able
to pay their own creditors
back in The Old Country,
who were knocking on their door

All the efforts
helping slaves escape The South
just helped The Northern Factory Owners
get cheap labor, UNDERPAID,
all according to their Plan.

You may think Putin
is the one sending
The Military Defense Gang
to occupy
the foreclosed land ‘down South’
like in The US Civil War.
But not this time.

He is doing what he was asked to do,
and is getting paid to do;
he is working for Luhansk and Donetsk, fighting the occupation
of neighboring land
by unfriendly government agents
who are doing the same thing
that The Northern Industrialists did
to The US Confederate South’s
Plantation Farmers.
Including The Plot
which precedes the foreclosure;
the one to vacuum money
out of circulation
in order
for delinquent payments
and The USURY.
So who is this enemy?

It is the same enemy
that Zelenskyy is fighting.
Z is working with
with Putin, The Bad Cop
(and Trump, The Good Cop)
to eventually
reveal the real weapon of destruction;
The USURY Device
which is being used
to manipulate
This kind of money is immune
to sanctions and asset freezing
and even to regulation.

‘Who is doing it’
will become very obvious
That will be a better time
for trials,
because then
Lawyers will lose their role
as money laundering agents of
The Money Power Establishment.

These days, compared to the old days of
The US Civil War,
The House is not burned down,
it’s just taken over; occupied
by the unfriendly government agents
and used for cover
and as part of the network
for the flow,
or hold up,
of cash paper US dollars
and also used as a strategic position
from which to launch
subversive attacks
on neighboring countries,
like Russia, …
and Luhansk and Donetsk.

Do the Russian Soldiers
have any idea about all this?
Probably not,
just like the mob terrorists in the days of
The Old US Civil War,
‘they know not what they are doing’
(with regards to the money problem).
All are forgiven.

Is this beginning to give you an idea about
how many years this has been going on?
About 3000 years,
or since Moses,
He not only understood
what was happening,
but also
how to overcome it.

Russia has seen and experienced a lot of this history.

Getting back to our story here
The US Civil War
what is happening in Ukraine:

One way to battle
the real enemy
is by destroying their holdout,
be it an apartment building or a church or a hospital,
so that the real enemy behind
The Human Shield
no longer has a physical address
to work their
Paper Money Plot.

Things didn’t get so far
during The US Civil War.
In that case
after the house (plantation or factory)
got burned down
all of the former occupants (workers)
gave up
and decided to head West.
This part does still go on in Ukraine.
But in Ukraine
we are witnessing
something beyond
the usual of

The Mainstream Media
is quick to throw out
numbers in the 100,000’s
regarding immigrants.
Are there really that many people
that have absolutely nowhere else to go
in their homeland?
No neighbors or friends or fellow workers with whom they might stay
while the rebuilding is going on?
And if you say that this has been building up for a long time, you are right.
And every time
the same USURY Device was used;
The Paper US Dollar,
before that it was metal money.
Have there been so many buildings
blown up that there are no more neighbors or friends or fellow workers to turn to temporarily?
There is more going on here in Ukraine
than the same old script
that mainstream reporters read.

Back to our story …
The Old Southern Plantation
(or Ukrainian factory or big building or church)
must eventually
be resold in someway,
but meanwhile
it is occupied by the military defense gang, be they mob or terrorists,
sent and paid for
by the issuers of the original money-loan,
NOT for ‘the house’, 
but for all of the industrial
equipment and supplies
which were necessary,
which are necessary
to run the big
Farm Businesses
Factory Businesses.

‘Who pays the military defense gang‘ eventually
must resell the property
because war
is too expensive.
‘Who they resell to’
makes a big difference to the neighbors,
especially if those neighbors
have seen it all before
for too long.

Just remember
in this story going on today in Ukraine
the one knocking at the door
is not really Putin.
It is the same ones who sent
the mob gangs
to take back and occupy;
repossess the property
during The US Civil War.

In The Ukraine Russia story
the people
for whom Putin is working;
Donetsk and Luhansk,
that their neighbor
has gotten caught in
The Debt Trap
and that
Trap Doors
are being set up
in their midst.
Putin understands this well,
and has decided to
be The Bad Cop,
pushing on Zelenskyy
to talk about what must be talked about;
The Hoardable Money
Debt Trap
The Trap Doors;
The Foreclosed Properties
with the unfriendly occupiers.
Putin is pushing,
and “Z” (the new Putin symbol)
is very popular
with Russia now
Trump, The Good Cop,
is pulling on Ukraine,
trying to support them
in talking about
what must be talked about.

Russel Lee Morris
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