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Good Cop Bad Cop Strategy

The world is changing,
deals are being made, right now,
based on a more stable US economy
(and global economy as well)
coming soon with Trump.

Janet Yellen resigned under Trump.
The same would happen again
when Trump steps back into the picture, 
and who knows
maybe it is being imagined right now
that Trump step into
her place.

Smart business leaders are moving now,
they are not waiting.
They are making the best of a bad situation.
It has all happened before;
WW1 and WW2,
by now we know how it goes
with the Central Banks
and their trick hoardable money plot.
Don’t let them fool you
with their talk of newfangled digital assets, they always leave out the key;
paper US dollars.

PUTIN, the ‘bad cop’,
is pushing hard on ‘the suspect’.
TRUMP, the ‘good cop’,
is trying to give ‘the suspect’ some relief,
But BOTH ‘cops’ have the same agenda
and both know that ‘the suspect’
is just a means
of getting to the deeper suspects;
that is,
the ones who live deeper in
The Swamp.

Both cops are ‘interrogating’ Zelenskyy,
you remember,
the one who Trump congratulated
and who claims to be the one
who will clean up the corruption.

At the core of the corruption
is The Central Bank’s
hoardable US paper dollar.
Of course Zelenskyy knows this.
Trump and Putin know that he does.

The ‘interrogation’ could just lead to exposing more crooks, maybe even Biden.
But these three, TPZ,
have a much better plan.

If you’re going to build
using hoardable money in your negotiations, I know what will happen
5 to 10 years down the road;
I will have a new neighbor;
some corrupt business people
from the US government.
No thanks.
I will blow up
your hoardable money investments

Look, we know where that leads.
It’s been done before.

As long as the money remains hoardable
nothing will change;
The Money Power Establishment
will win.
It has been proven for over 2000 years.
So, Z
what are your thoughts about
declaring demurrage
on the US dollar?
Like Silvio Gesell was going to do
BEFORE the first
big war
in this area of the world.
We know that you know the story. **
** Max Hebecker, Michael Unterguggenberger, Hugo R. Fack, The Free Economy Publishing Company , The Free Economy League (even in Switzerland)

Silence. But he is breathing easy. Why?
Because he knows The Worker,
in the widest sense,
will benefit
after demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.
He also knows that
will not censor this meeting.
And …
He knows that his country,
as well as many others,
are about to become free
from The Central Bank
evil USURY device,
and that
will save more lives than anything.
It will also end

Evil may not ever go away completely,
but when we use unhoardable money
with demurrage;
when we declare demurrage
on the US dollar
we will easily
be able
to manage it,
The Beast will be
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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