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Good Money in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

For Tristan da Cunha
Using the traditional
Hoardable Money
USURY Leverage Device
has been subtly
(according to the centuries old same plan)
taking the economy of Tristan da Cunha
down a dangerous dark path
which will lead to FORCED Economic Recession,
embarrassment and manipulation (USURY) of it’s people,
and the surrender of Land,
the same thing that happened to
The Native American Indians,
they also, did not know what they were getting into
when they were tricked into accepting
Hoardable Money,
and their Lands were foreclosed upon, and taken,
as a result of delinquent loans.
it has happened all over the world with indigenous people,
but you won’t hear a word about it
in any of the State run schools,
including Universities.
So embedded in our subconscious is this
way of using money,
that it has become routine,
which is the only ‘reason’
for its continuation,
there is no scientific explanation
for using hoardable money,
just a fog of fluffy words
with no common sense involved,
with rules
and ‘policing’ tactics
that are easy for lawyers to get around
and which do not affect
The paper US dollar
at all,
like sanctions, asset freezing, negative interest.
Trump seems to be the only one in the news that understands this,
that is why The Money Power Establishment
Is so determined to crucify him.
But a lot is going on which the mainstream media
Is leaving out.
Paid Messengers have been around since even before the written word,
to make sure that we only hear about
Gossip; Fake News, …
and to be sure
that the paper US dollar
will always be around.
They talk about it's devaluation
but that is just a trick,
The paper US Dollar
is the USURY Leverage Device
all over the world,
The Money Power Establishment
will never even get involved
in a discussion about
how to take away the power
regarding all of the dark money, The hoardable paper US Dollar,
it’s their motto;
Silence is Golden,
silence, referring to no talk about anything except ‘gold’ money; hoardable money ONLY,
meaning you will get absolutely no discussion,
or only misinformation and disinformation,
when it comes to
declaring holding charges (demurrage) on the paper money,
Dark Money is just something we have to live with,
that is as far as it goes.
it’s the fault of people, they say, greed,
which of course keeps the lawyers busy,
which keeps the money laundering business
under the cover of
our legal system,
which keeps
The Human Slave Trafficking Business
very lucrative,
which easily manipulates market conditions to always make sure
there is a shortage of homes,
homeless people,
which always assures that the people who have a job
will pay the interest tribute
in order to get the money for building or buying a home, …
and of course the home contains all of your stuff.
Holding back the paper money,
or in the case of Tristan da Cunha
The English Pound, (but The US dollar is there too, take a look at their website),
until the interest tribute is paid
is also what causes people to do very distorted things
in order to be able to pay that interest,
like cut down twice as many trees, or use twice as much Land than is actually needed, …
because interest is a part of every single price
of every single thing that is involved in
getting the products made and to your home,
including all the factories, store buildings, machines, trucks, fuel, water (steam), roads,
railroads, ships, …
so much it’s practically incomprehensible,
and it is why
the environment takes a beating, is destroyed,
far worse than is necessary.
Far worse.
Attention Environmentalists.
But everybody is forgiven,
like Jesus said,
because you have never been enlightened
regarding anything about
the other form of money; the ONLY other form of money;
money with demurrage (holding charges),
and nope
I’m not just talking about some kind of new fangled electronic money,
The Money Power Establishment would love to talk about that
because that takes the spotlight off
The PAPER money US dollar
But on the little island of
Tristan da Cunha,
much like on the little island of
(in Silvio Gesell’s story),
it is not so difficult to see
what is going on with the money,
and it’s not so difficult to see
how to fix the problem,
before it gets so out of hand
that nobody knows what is going on
and everybody is caught in the trap,
and we lose the chance
to have children
that know
and can get us out of this mess,
so that we can have Heaven
On Earth
Matthew 18:3 The Bible,
I’m sure there is a similar message in The Koran.
I am here
to share the information
about The Natural Economic Order
so the even a child can understand.
In the next article,
how to make the transition to
The Natural Economic Order,
it is not necessary to change the whole system,
the banks are not at fault,
they are a victim just like everyone else,
just forced to play by the rules
You will SEE
Stay tuned for the next article.
It is already written.
All of the instructions are
already written down.
Has anybody else done that?
Step by step
coming up,
just for Tristan da Cunha, …
to show the world.
Best regards to King Charles,
I’m sure he is on our side.
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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