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How Bartenders could start their own Bank

Here is a little experiment
to prove very simply
that the PAPER US dollar
can easily manipulate
market conditions.
It can do it locally
and then as a result of the illusion created,
the dis-ease, disorder, chaos
can spread ...
and soon there is a crisis
in the form of
Civil Unrest ( eventually growing to be
Civil War);
Poor people (Blacks, Latinos,
and of course White, Yellow and others)
not able to buy goods
and losing losing their jobs
those with credit (credit cards).

If the first group increases in number,
which happens when more poor people are added
(illegal immigration, including slave trade)
The Civil War
becomes worse,
and certain “money vacuum cleaner
start to see a way of making profit *,
they become
Money Merchants,
by loaning cash PAPER US dollars
to rebels
on both sides of a conflict.
The profit for these money vacuum cleaner
is Interest.
To pay the interest
requires MORE money to be injected
into the body economic.
But this money (Paper Money)
is later
easily vacuumed up
and The Beast,
which is ultimately USURY,
grows bigger and more powerful.
It has been growing for thousands of years.
And now
(each of us
have the temptation
of Usery inside of us)
have a compounded,
cancer of a problem/disease
which is affecting not only
our relations with each other
(like cells in the body)
but the environment we live in
(the body itself,
physical and mental
and also
the environment).

The cure
to declare demurrage on the US dollar
so that it circulates freely
without interference or interruption or distortion.
A healthy body requires good smooth steady circulation.

Now, back to our experiment:
Have all the bartenders in one town
to begin
10% of all the tips in their tip jars
each night. *
It won’t take long before the shortage of cash is felt
in the local economy,
and cash from another town nearby is needed.
Will this other town loan the cash for free? ... I don’t think so.
* Moonshiners have known this trick
for a long time,
and in fact they have financed
the beginnings of some very big companies in their time.
One of these companies
is a very large chain
of ‘builder supplies’ stores these days.

The price of goods produced
or even just sold
in the area with the money paper shortage will begin to fall
and this will eventually result in
people losing their jobs,
factories cutting costs desperately
or something else,
the town will before long
become known
for slave wage labor.
Or else the town will enter a
and people will begin
to emigrate.

Maybe The Bartenders
could start a Bank.

Angel NicGillicuddy 

Russel Lee Morris
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