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How did Netaji Know

How did Netaji know
to travel all the way into dangerous Germany to learn more about these people:
Silvio Gesell,
Finance Minister of Bavaria April 1919,
Max Hebecker,
Mayor of Schwanenkirken, Germany  1922
Michael Unterguggenberger
Mayor of Worgl, Austria 1932
? …
It was because the good news of
The Free Economy League
was spreading quickly world wide
at that time
and this was a HUGE
proven **
to The Money Power Establishment (Global).
The last straw for them
was when Japan,
a huge fan of Silvio Gesell,
rescued Netaji
to collaborate with him
and the future
Free India.
The Money Power was so
that they ordered a nuclear bomb
and had it delivered.
** see the article,
The Worgl Story Uncensored

The Money Power
ever since the time of Jesus,
and yes even before Jesus,
has controlled
The Gossip Machine
Mainstream Media
for a long time,
even when all it meant
was to pay some desperate poor person, maybe even just a child,
to deliver CERTAIN messages,
maybe even into dangerous territory.
But really,
were the messages true?
or just meant to stir something up.
Even Dracula knew this trick .
And yes, the media was controlled by
The Money Power
during the life of Silvio Gesell,
and he was censored, …
just like Donald Trump,
and Jesus too.
See the article,
Jesus (The Money Part of The Story)
Remember That Jesus Election

The missing piece
to the mystery puzzle of
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
can be found in his connection to
Silvio Gesell
The Free Economy League.

Wishing all the hard-working
Netaji researchers
the best,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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