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Huge Breaking News Story

The New Trump Train Tour,
God’s Money,
Declaring demurrage
on The US dollar.

President Trump
and First Lady Melania Trump
Headed to Iran
Bringing The Message
about declaring demurrage on The US dollar
The Message already reflected
at their meeting with The People,
The Door being open,
The Message Welcome.

The Mission is so close to being completed,
Delivering The Message
to The Beast itself.”

Angel is reading from the headlines
as her and V and The Beast
continue tea in the desert;
The New Levant,
Border USA Mexico.

The Beast:
“Hey but wait a minute!
I’m here with you.
They mean
The Blind Disciples of mine,
The No-Eyes Guys
and Abraxas The Dragon.”

“The Crowd is very quiet
listening so closely,
even the police,
even The No-Eyes Guys.
No Protesters.
Who would be protesting?”
she asks.

V: “Not me.”
And looking up at the daytime sky she says,
Mercury is positioned
right in the middle
of The Scales (Libra),
The Message perfectly balanced.
Venus is close by. Love love love
Oh and The Full Moon Eclipse.
I believe the whole world
will change quickly.

The People
in Order to survive
will adapt.
It is natural
NOT to fight.
- Angel NicGillicuddy”

Accepting applications now
for roles in the movie.
Send your letter of intention
Russell Morris
419 East Second Street #631
West Jefferson, N.C. 28694

Be sure to include your own name
and address so that I can write you back.

Auditions will begin
The Dead of Winter
February 2021.

For study material see
The Levant News 2020
Search the word ‘Shibboleth’

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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