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Is Aleksandr Lukashenko Preparing to Declare demurrage on The Belarus Ruble?

Image credits: Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko in better days.

Unhoardable money with demurrage
circulates much better
than hoardable money,
meaning that after demurrage is declared
on The Belarus Ruble,
it would take LESS of them
to do the same work
compared to The US dollar,
or any other hoardable money.

Institutes for learning about
the theories of Silvio Gesell
were worldwide
by 1918.
According to a report by
Hugo R. Fack
published in 1934
by The Free-Economy Publishing Company,
San Antonio Texas USA
(also with affiliates worldwide)
the full detailed Plan
for converting
from a hoardable currency
to unhoardable currency
with demurrage,
entitled Active Currency
(Aktive Wahrungspolitik)
was stolen from Silvio Gesell
by Hussar Soldiers
during Silvio’s short,
but very productive,
service as
Finance Minister of Bavaria
in 1919.

Silvio accomplished a lot
even though his term was cut short
and the press caused lots of distraction.
It was all very similar to
President Trump’s experience
during his term.

The Plan of
Active Currency,
which Donald Trump IS familiar with, 
sits on the shelf of The Library of Congress in Washington DC now.
It was sent there hot off the press
in 1909
BEFORE the war.

The Hussar Soldiers
made their delivery
of this important document
to the people they were working for,
and so it is easy to conclude
that the leaders of
Belarus, Poland, Lithuania
are also familiar with this detailed Plan
for transitioning from a hoardable money
to unhoardable money with demurrage.

There were 655 copies of this plan
printed in Berlin
and delivered
all over the world.

During his short term,
day by day
Silvio Gesell published,
in the Munich papers
April 1919
popularly written articles
giving information on
the currency problem,
on money,
on his exchange of telegrams with
The Reichsbank,
and on the importance, cause
and cure
of the interest problem.

Is all of this important information
being discussed
during the economic meetings right now
of President Lukashenko?
And is that why the Fed is so worried
about Belarus?

There is only one defense that could actually help the Fed,
and that is
to declare demurrage on The US dollar
before Belarus and her partners
begin to engage
The Plan of
Active Currency.

The Belarus Ruble,
under compulsion to circulate
due to demurrage charges,
will easily outperform
the hoardable US dollar.
all of those hidden US dollars in that region will be traded in at an exchange rate
much more favorable to Belarus …
and the surrounding countries too.

Does Biden know anything about this?
Donald Trump does.
Angel NicGillicuddy

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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