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Japan, Netaji and The Bomb

The missing link to
The Netaji mystery is
The Free Economy League
which Silvio Gesell
was organizing
and which was spreading quickly
at a time when that was not an easy thing
to do, it still isn’t even though we have phones and Internet.
This organization continued strongly
even after
Silvio Gesell died;
The Free Economy Publishing Company
is one example,
and the offices were

The Money Power Establishment
was so
about this proposed change to the Hoardable Money they relied on
for their generations old
unearned income,
that they dropped a huge bomb
on Japan,
who was right on the verge of making a deal with Subhas Chandra Bose,
and declaring demurrage
on the money used in these two countries; Japan and India
in order to disarm
The Money Power Establishment
not only financially
but also militarily
In reality though
actually just
drying up their money source;
The Swamp
the kind of money
for the secret
AMMO business deals
and a long
very controlled and manipulated
war business.

The Money Power Establishment,
it doesn’t even really matter who they are,
could see
that without the HOARDABLE
cash paper money,
their secret trick for controlling and manipulating everything
getting AMMO for their troop’s guns
would no longer work.
One of the consequences
of declaring demurrage
on the US dollar
is that there quickly becomes necessary
only trivial amounts
of paper money
in the system,
including the money outside the system
or in your pocket or your vault or
Wherever it sits,
money with demurrage begins to melt,
even if that means melting right between your fingers.
But not quickly,
no need to panic.
Only the need to think a little,
and not be so afraid.

Declaring Demurrage
on the money
dries up
The Swamp
of cash PAPER US Dollars;
the source of financing which
The Money Power Establishment uses
to buy ammo
(It’s not a credit business)
so they made it a very short war
and dropped
The Bomb
and obliterated all traces
of this connection
Subhas Chandra Bose
The Free Economy League
Silvio Gesell
declaring demurrage on the money
The Natural Economic Order
The Revolutionary Deal
which was about to be set up
between India and Japan,
after which
the whole world would have transformed
and we would finish our Mission;
To Prepare
The Kingdom
for God
to Come.

Today there is talk of putting the picture
of Netaji on the money,
but as long as that money remains hoardable He (Netaji)
would be embarrassed and even insulted.
declare demurrage on The Rupee.
PM Modi understands this.
See the article,
Shibboleth and India
but as it is
The Money Power Establishment
has not only the monopoly on ammo
and the cash paper money it is bought with for long profitable wars,
they also have the cash money
to pay certain naïve and desperate messengers
to repeat certain distracting scary
fake news
and getting rid of all traces
of certain information
by just burning down buildings
or blowing up things,
scrubbing all of
the money part of the story.
Even Dracula knew this trick
a long time ago.

The Money Power Establishment,
you could call them
The Cash Mob Elite,
is being threatened again
by Trump,
he has already prepared the way.
Like Netaji
he knows about
hoardable money
unhoardable money with demurrage
and all of the teachings of Silvio Gesell,
and more, …
Trump has ALREADY
had the big meeting with Japan
in Japan.
He has met already with Abe,
then president of Japan
now in business,
just like Trump,
and he has met with Naruhito too.
It’s done.
The ports in Florida are preparing now
for all of the new business
and so much more,
lots is going on in Texas.
The South is rising
and this time the money being used
won’t be hoardable
and there won’t be a long costly war, because there won’t be lots of
hidden paper US dollars
to buy the ammo with.

But will there be a one time big bomb attack? like the last time …
Do you think Netaji was afraid?
Or Silvio Gesell?
Neither is Trump.
And he’s not alone.
I am with him,
Angel NicGillicuddy

You will find information about
money with the demurrage
and paper money
only at
and in the paper books of
Shibboleth A Tale of Two Secret Passwords and Money,
about the adventures of Angel NicGillicuddy.

Russel Lee Morris
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