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Jekyll Island, Godzilla and Kong

The paper US dollars in circulation,
and also including those
which have long “disappeared” 
into The Dark Realms,
accumulate interest
yes even the ones that have “disappeared”,
yes also the ones being hoarded,
not in circulation.

They are all little Federal Reserve Notes,
different from any other note,
like a mortgage note,
where the holder of the note,
the one who loaned the money,
for example the bank,
gets interest
as long as the note is outstanding.

With the Federal Reserve Notes
I am the holder,
but do I receive interest?
The Federal Reserve doesn’t either.
But somebody does.

During the time of great wars
a lot of money was “made” (printed)
a lot of profit was also made,
but not necessarily printed.
in order to assure
their returns
the receivers of the interest on this money
stuck the money (the paper money)
deep into their pockets.
And they hoarded it
for a while.

It wasn’t long before the effect was felt;
a money shortage.
A paper money shortage.
It was already known to some, a few,
that without the paper money
business would slow down
a lot,
especially for poor people without credit.

The gold
had already left the country (USA)
as a result of Grisham‘s law:
if you owe me money,
and then you begin printing lots
of paper money
without backing,
I am going to soon request
the gold, 
or whatever the money is backed by,
instead of the paper.

The same gang of money hoarders
then met
at Jekyll Island,
at the time owned
by a group of elite business people.
If you read the history of this island
you will find that the original owner
was involved in the beer business (alcohol).
Lots of money was spent on beer,
as usual, *
the sellers of which
deep pocketed
much of the paper money;
they hoarded it.
They had a plan.
It’s such an old strategy
for “making” MORE money
of which additional amounts
must eventually
be printed
to pay the interest.

The paper money loans
required or demanded
paper money returns.
Because the ones who wrote up
the loan details
knew how indispensable paper money was, and still is,
to daily commerce.

* I think everybody knows,
people drink more when they are “down”. And they also drink more
when they are “up” too.

The bootleggers of Jekyll Island
sold it to The Elite Gang.
The Elite 
built great mansions, etc.
which later would serve
as tourist attractions.
Another old strategy
for making “more” money,
only in this one
it is money coming from outside visitors,
not necessarily just additionally printed.

Where will the next
elite castle
tourist attractions
be located?
You will find that out
when the owners of their present castles
begin to run into difficulties
affording the maintenance
of the structures.
This does eventually happen
even if their structure is built to last
100 years.
What then? ...
Sell the property,
with special clauses in the contract,
The State.
See the British drama series
Downton Abbey.

Jekyll Island was eventually sold (?)
to the state of
Georgia. *

what State was giving President Trump
the most election voter count trouble
during his reelection campaign?

What kind of special clauses
are in the sales contract
of Jekyll Island
to Georgia?

* see goldenisles.com

To dismantle and disable
“The Giant Paper Money
US Dollars
Secret Leverage Device”
declare demurrage on The US dollar,
or else
Trump Money with demurrage
Church Money with demurrage

The Yamasee Indian Tribe
of Jekyll Island
were involved in
Slave Trade,
being forced off their land,
which resulted in that tribe
(along with many others)
being forced to depend
on money
for survival.

Land ownership
(and not many actually own land)
leads to land hoarding,
which leads to money dependency
by those who don’t own land,
or get forced off the land where they live.
Money hoarding
leads to market manipulation
by the ones with the most money
(paper US dollars these days).
Both feed USURY,
The Beast
inside each one of us,
which is a consequence of ego,
which is my natural God given instinct
for defending my self.
Whether that self is distorted or not
is another matter.

As long as land and money
remain hoardable
will get worse.
The Beast
will get bigger and bigger
and more and more crazy.
See the movie
Godzilla versus Kong.

The little girl in the movie
is Angel NicGillicuddy.
She knows the paper money secret.

Both Beasts,
now “owned” by
Japan (Abe) *
Florida/Texas (Trump) *
the little girl,
will become subservient.
Watch for the movie sequel.

* reference
Marion C. Cooper (Kong)
Toho (Japan)

Lots of things happened in the 1930’s.
Whatever became of
The Free-Economy Publishing Company,
of San Antonio Texas ? 
And where would we be
if their message,
along with their identity,
had not been

Russel Lee Morris
The Liberum runs on your donation. Fight with us for a free society.
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