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Jesus (The Money part of The Story)

He was a carpenter (homebuilder).
It was a family business.
His grandpa grew the business
and did well.
But His dad Joseph
hit an economic slowdown
and could not even afford
a place to rest Mary’s baby.
( notice, attention, He is the woman’s baby )
Forced to borrow the animals’ food; straw, Jesus was born.

The Three Magicians came to visit.
See the storybook called,
Before Shibboleth.
They brought Jesus what he would need
to survive in the world of materialism;
the physical world.
Among the gifts was gold; Money,
since the time of the pyramids Egypt.
That is where the magical Money token
was conjured up
by the magicians; scientists; observers of the cosmos.

The magicians long ago received the gold, which was foreign to earth,
but it could be grown,
if you knew the secret
and had the ability
to make it happen.
This requires great focus;
A teaching which is NOT just passed along
to anyone,
and which also requires great practice
and some time
to synchronize
with nature.

The gift of gold; money
was absolutely essential to Jesus
for him to live here
on Earth.
If He did not have His own
and had to beg for it
then what kind of man-experience
would he have? ...
Not too good.

But thanks to the three magicians,
Jesus did not suffer
until the end,
when the people killed him,
fooled by the main stream media,
tricked by the ones who controlled
and held a monopoly
on the media business.
That would be the money holders;
the money changers.
Remember the table
in front of the synagogue ...
the table which Jesus turned over?

Jesus’ dad
may have had to live through
a slow economic period,
but Jesus’ generation
caught the very beginning
of a boom cycle (silver was added
to the gold
for money,
and so Jesus did well
and his business prospered ...
Little by little
the money disappeared,
business slowed down,
till one day Jesus walked out His door
and saw the workers doing the same.
they all just stoped there at the door.
No work was being offered,
everything had slowed down so much.
They all turned around and went back inside, asking themselves,
what the devil has happened?

It’s a little similar to the Groundhog Day story of these days.
The groundhog sees his shadow (because it’s sunny outside)
but then
goes back inside his home.
But why? It’s a good day to work.

Groundhog Day is not just about the weather.
It’s a special message
which certain people understand,
and which means,
the money is being hoarded,
it’s time to hoard some money!
These people take their signal from the master money holders;
The Ground HOGS;
The Old Old Land Owners.

Anyway, back to Jesus.
He decided to investigate the situation.
He started by going to discuss the problem with his friends who had money.
His wealthy friends.
Oh yes
Jesus was not poor
like He was when He was born.
He was successful
and prosperous (wealthy).

However, His friends shunned Him.
They did not want to risk their livelihood.
They had families to feed
and could not take a chance
on confronting the money loaners.
They told him,
you will have to see the money changers;
the money HOLDERS.

So Jesus went off to find them.
They were set up at a table
in front of the synagogue.
He watched their operation
and asked some questions,
for which silence
was the only response.

But Jesus got it!
He could SEE
what was happening.
Money was being hoarded;
a little service charge taken aside
on each and every transaction,
and this money hoard; this hoard of money grew and grew
until it became
A Giant Monster
Secret Leverage Device,
which could be used to manipulate
the economic conditions,
and in fact EVERYTHING ,
every movement
could be affected by it.

Jesus felt angry. And sad. And frustrated.
He felt all the feelings
of the disgruntled and confused
He forgave them all,
for they knew NOT what they were doing
nor what was happening.
He was talking about money.

regarding the money changers;
the money holders,
at the table in front of the synagogue,
His response was different.
He flipped the tables,
and set out to fix this problem
and in fact
to eventually
make these money changers; Money Holders subservient.

He went to talk about the problem
with the workers and the poor people.
They did not have a clue,
they could not even relate
to what Jesus was saying.

But He made it
His Mission;
to somehow deliver The Message
about hoardable money.

Then, out of the blue
there started to be headlines about Jesus
in the news.
Bad headlines.
Jesus tried to tell the people,
don’t listen to the gossip.
Don’t gossip.
But soon
He found Himself alone.
Nobody wanted to be near Him
or have anything to do with Him.

12 people
is all he could persuade
to try to stay with Him.
But even they were very WEAK followers. Jesus eventually had to go into seclusion,
or hiding.

And then one of the 12 weak followers
sold Jesus out,
for a bag of silver,
which was even worse
because silver
eventually became demonetized.
Judas was so embarrassed he hung himself.

Jesus went to trial.
The main stream media gossip
had tricked the people
with their overwhelming fake news
that Jesus was a bad guy.

The people chose
to crucify Jesus
and let the crook go free.

Mary and Mary took Jesus
down from the cross.
He was taken to a cave,
where he was healed using frankincense
and myrrh.

yelling to the guards outside
they said,
hey, we’ll pay you some gold
if you move this stone
which is blocking the entrance..
The guards agreed
and set Jesus free.
After visiting His weak followers
one more time
Jesus and Mary and Mary
went to Turkey,

Jesus began to discuss
the hoardable Money problem there,
with the Turkish people.
Word got out that this was going on
and eventually The Money Changers;
Money Holders
instigated a big war plan.

The Word According to
Angel NicGillicuddy ??

There is a Money part
to The Story about Muhammad (the merchant) as well.
I invite anyone
for a discussion about that story.

Russel Lee Morris
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