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Just before Leaving The Great Hall

Image credits: conceptual image of one hundred dollar bill and world map flooding by water. NASA world map image isolated layered and manipulated to use in this image, www.nasa.gov

Left with not much more than a fig leaf on Angel inquires …
“Ask me anything.”
It’s very quiet.
Just the sound of breathing and the fire.
She takes her phone from the pocket
of her pants on the floor,
“V are you there?”
She responds, “Right out front.”
The Beast’s Mansion
is not very far away from
The Great Hall.

“I know that you have
commanded the airwaves
for a long time, thousands of years.
But you’ve met your match now.
Don’t worry,
even you all
will be happier
in the end,
after demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.”

And now putting her clothes back on …
“We know that you can’t sanction
paper US dollars …
she bounces around a little,
putting on her bra …
“And we know that all the digital money
is  in  circulation,
moving around at microsecond speed
these days. It doesn’t just sit …
She jumps around on one leg, then both
as she pulls up her pajama bottom …
“We know that poor people,
and there are more and more all the time these days,
don’t have bank accounts and credit cards.
They deal strictly in paper money”
(US dollars)  
She slips on her pajama top over her head and pulls it down …
“When mammon’s disciples
start vacuuming money
out of circulation
to instigate the recession,
poor people
are the first to suffer.”
It is very quiet in The Great Hall.

“Money has never hidden from
Eve and Company.”
Hoardable money works like a boomerang for us. It’s boomerang money.
We know the secrets.
We have the most …
money that is.”
She stuffs the dildo back inside her backpack and puts it on …

As she is standing by the door she smiles,
“Don’t take your time about this matter, because very soon
we will declare demurrage on our own
US paper dollars.
The Great Flood is coming,  
then Capital Interest shall be drown
in a sea of Capital.
We can make it happen,
or you can …
On second thought,
we will,
unless Trump
gets back into The Magic Egg
(The Oval Office)

to be continued…

Russel Lee Morris
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