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Never Take Money
From Strangers,
or Candy, …">Like Mom said,
Never Take Money
From Strangers,
or Candy, …

Like Mom said,
Never Take Money
From Strangers,
or Candy, …

which can also be understood as
food, clothing, gifts,
including money.
It kills local business.
Haiti can tell you all about it.

The Moral of The Story:
Only accept unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
then just use that
to buy and sell
the things you need or want.
Only negotiate in terms of
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).

Watch out for
“Good Samaritans”
including money.
“It won’t get you into Heaven anyway.”
These tricks are not new everybody.

Never negotiate in terms of
hoardable money.
It will just be
out of circulation
years later,
to the decline
of your Nation, or Region;
the decline of your
workers’ union,
and used to cause
mischief and trouble,
and forced

And don’t be so quick to take
because they are very harmful to your
local businesses,
which end up not being able to sell things, which causes them problems in
paying their bills,
and problems
paying back their money loan, …
And it’s not someone local
that ends up
buying the foreclosure,
which includes
the land underneath the business.
Haiti can tell you all about it.
It’s like getting the rug pulled out from beneath you standing on it.
One minute
your standing just fine,
the next
your flat on your back.
Yes, on your back.
The rug is pulled
right from underneath of you
and right under your nose,
right to your face.

“All are forgiven.
You know not what you are doing.”
He was referring to
the money; the hoardable money.

You did not have a choice
because all you have ever known
is hoardable money;
long ago it was gold, silver.
Today it is paper,
but it is still hoardable.
Sometimes it’s digital,
but that money never leaves circulation,
it follows the Sun, so to speak,
from market to market around the world.
And so would the paper money,
if it was not hoardable.
But it is,
and has been for thousands of years.

Evil saw a vulnerability
long long ago
and seized it;
the money;
The Magical Money Token.

it is the paper US dollar.
It doesn’t matter
if the money is real or fake (counterfeit),
don’t take it, don’t accept it,
it is unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).

That’s it.
That’s the moral of the story.
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
will show the way.

you have a choice.
you did not.
But now it’s different,
now you know.
There are only two forms of money;
one is hoardable
and the other is
unhoardable, money with
demurrage (holding charges).
One will keep you in a living Hell.
The other
on Earth.

The Old Story about
The Good Samaritan
was meant to be understood
from the
point of view,
not the individual point of view.
we’re all one,
you know that saying right?
The Collective Consciousness?
Do what’s best for everybody?
I agree,
and that is how I speak.

Now you really have a choice.
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges).
Do not choose
the hoardable money,
regardless of what name it is given.

Coming soon,
a historic special message
from The Post Office.
“We know,
we are not a bank.
But if you want to hold
some cash money
you don’t need a bank.
You’ll just need to apply one of our stamps each month
to the back of the paper money,
to show that holding charges (demurrage)
has been paid up-to-date.

If you don’t want to hold onto
the paper money 
just deposit it in the bank,
or just have the bank exchange the money in your account to the new money;
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges),
and the bank will take care
that the demurrage (holding charges)
is paid;
the cost is on them,
because now they
hold the money.
But they won’t hold the money either.
They will pass it along,
to avoid the demurrage
(the holding charges).
The money will end up in the hands of
The Farmer
The Miner,
with a perfect balance of it
equal to exactly
what is available, and sitting
‘on the shelf’
ready to sell,
no surplus
and no deficit (shortage).

is the answer to any of your
and poverty.

* Note:
This does not mean to say that we are getting rid of the paper money. We don’t want that.

Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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