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Lullaby by Beatrix Potter

Image credits: Woodland Hideaway Park: Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Blue Money Coin

Bedtime for Angel and V.
It is late but just now getting dark,
and there is a mystical sparkling
crystal clear purple edge of moonlight
which outlines all of the green plants
where Angel and V are having tea
in the courtyard of the palace
of The Beast.
It reflects in a way that has a feeling
of comfort and safety and security.

“Let’s rub that bottle
and have Silvio tell us a bedtime story!”
V suggests.

“It’s sitting on the table in the bedroom.”
Angel says,
The bedroom door is open to the courtyard,
V walks through
and brings back the bottle.
She sits down next to Angel
and rubs the bottle.
Then takes the top off,
and a kind of fog comes rising from the bottle.
It reflects off of the purple plant edges
to create a lovely golden atmosphere all around inside the palace courtyard.

The girls smile at each other and then
A rumbling sound is heard; a bit frightening.
The girls hold tight to one another.
The rumbling sound subsides
and then it’s like being in the center of the eye
of the storm; unusually still and quiet.

“Good evening Angel and V.”
It is the voice of Silvio coming alive within this golden radiance
“May I present you
to tell our lullaby for tonight,
Beatrix Potter
of Peter Rabbit fame.”

Now we hear the voice of a young girl about the same age as Angel and V;
It ‘tis what certainly started me to writing my journal.
I begin to see and hear some unusual things which most people would never come to know. But I was naturally very observant
from a young age
and I witnessed in all
more than 30 years of life at home with
The Money Power
enough to see a definite and very suspicious pattern.
I began to write about what I was witnessing, in secret code
because it could be very incriminating
for some people
even my own family.
And I could even be put in an embarrassing and dangerous predicament myself.

First I recorded the story of great grandpa purchasing a very immense new chariot.
At that time; 1881
life was extra extravagant for us.
There was a huge surplus of cash money
just sitting idle in certain circles.
Postal Orders were issued for the first time.
This helped to keep business running
even though the cash was being hoarded.
Conflict was on the rise; the Salvation Army began its operations. War was on the horizon.
Conflict was on the rise; the Salvation Army began its operations. War was on the horizon.

The next thing I wrote about in my journal
was the trip to tour
The Silver Factory.
What I began to realize was that
a Recession Plan
was in the works.

“Oh my god I think she knows something.”
V exclaimed
in a nervous kind of way.

Angel looks at V
“It’s OK V.
Let her tell the story.”
and she comforts V.

Beatrix continues:
“ The man we had arranged to manage this business
of making silver ornaments and candelabras
was just beginning to crank the apparatus up again.
It was very dusty.
Here is the way it worked...
Several in The Club
went together for setting this business up.
It was a way to make money by having our surplus coins melted down to make the chandeliers and chalices, etc. lots of beautiful artwork.
The members would all receive a dividend from the sales.
And then later
once The Recession Plan
had brought prices down to desperate levels
Club members
could acquire houses factories etc.
for bargain deals.

“ Oh that’s funny
it all spiraled down to those dark underground silver and gold factories
where the chandeliers and candle operas were being made with silver and gold coins melted down.”
And she began laughing hysterically.
“A trick!
Light Devices being made from cash
in The Dark Realms

“Shhh Love,
listen again for just a moment please.” ...

“ When I was 15 and writing my journal
there were terrible times being had;
buildings being blown up
people being hurt
and lots of very drastic secret subversive actions being taken by
The Money Power.
I know because I was there on the inside for a long enough time (36 years)
to see
The Shift
of The Lever; The Money Lever, the most powerful of all The Levers
at the very initial stages.
But alas if only Silvio Gesell had been around
I would have surely had a character in my books for him.
And he would have certainly been the hero.

If I were keeping a journal these days
it would look a lot like yours Angel.
There is an inheritance of this very important money perspective on our history
that only very few people can see.
It lives in the heart, not the mind.
It’s beat is eternal. Very few people feel it’s pulse.

Our children’s books; yours and mine
are a reflection of The Money Power
and how money functions.
Continue your beautiful journal about
The Great Ship Moo-La.
I am all aboard.
‘Tis a pleasure to be at your service Angel.

V and Angel are still holding tight to each other.

“Sweet dreams.”

To be continued...

Russel Lee Morris
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