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'Middlemen move over’ & ‘Activists posing as Reporters’

The People will be getting
the $40 billion in rebates from
Big Pharma.
That means, once again President Trump
has brought MORE of the hidden money back into legitimate circulation
and out from The Dark Realms.
Armageddon shrinks once again.

The US will no longer be
“subsidizing socialism abroad” (President Trump’s words)
because of
The Most Favored Nations Rule,
set to go into effect January 1, 2021,
where US citizens will now pay
the same price for drugs
as the lowest paying nation. *
This move was started formally in July 2020,
and it has been the focus of lots of hard work since way before.
Oh yes, there is a Plan,
it has been in place for years.
Some people have been working on it
with lazer focus
all throughout the ‘storms’
of these last 4 years.
Thank you President Trump and Team.

* What will this mean for that nation
and the other socialist countries?
It means that Big Pharma
will begin having problems
paying their operating loans
or else ‘clean up’
a lot of their dirty cash deals.
The Swamp is being drained
and The Swamp Monsters are very nervous.

How can a person who is dependent
on secret cash bonuses
pay for their fancy lifestyle
when The Cash Swamp is drained?
What kind of real work can they do?
They will try calling in favors,
and maybe we will see another Tangentopoli (Italy 1992)
Oh but Rudy Giuliani already knows
all about that.
He is watching closely
and he loves his job. Thank you Rudy.
And thank you Sidney Powell
and the rest of the team.
Operation Mani Pulite
has begun.
And this time we have experience
on OUR side.
The cases will NOT drag on
for months of expensive
money making headlines.
Because there is a definite deadline,
January 26, 2021.
Otherwise ... who lives in the White House?

As a consequence of this
main stream media will lose out
on LOTS of ad money.
Look for cheap news
to start selling more and more cheap ad time as they lose their ratings.
Who wants to listen to a bunch of
cheap commercials
and just a little bit of fake news?
Thank you Golden State Times
and also thank you the-levant.com.

And thank you Kaylee McEnany
for pointing out that WE KNOW
activists are being paid
to get a seat at the Press Conferences posing as reporters.
And they hate President Trump.
Who do you think they are working for?”

Angel NicGillicuddy asks this to V.
They are having tea in the desert.
The Sun is rising.
And The Beast is there too.
They are making plans
for building Mirror City.
To one side is The Wall (border between USA and Mexico).
To the other is plenty of available Land,
to most
considered as undesirable.

“Can you believe we got
The Land Use Title
for so cheap?
Can you believe there wasn’t even
hardly anybody at the auction?”
V asks Angel.

“Well yes, I can.
I only read about what was happening
in one place.
Well, like President Trump says,
‘Back to work.’
He knows that The Plan must be engaged
as quickly as possible.
Silvio Gesell said the same thing when he was Finance Minister for Bavaria.
See The Defense Speech on
YouTube channel ‘spiritoftruth123’.
Thank you Robert Wade RIP.

Salainte! Cheers
To The New Levant Region.”

V: “Here here!”
and she jumps out of her seat and starts dancing on the table,
the Sun is a big pulsating ball of lava
sitting upon the horizon behind her.

Angel: “V please.”
She looks at The Beast sternly.

Russel Lee Morris
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