“Miracles Greater Than Mine”

Cain received the information about
The Magical Money Token
and THAT
is what enabled him to build;
he hired phenomenal artists, architects, masons,
the finest workers for any kind of work
paying them all
with money, metal money.

Even Jesus said,
“You Shall Create Miracles
Greater Than Mine”
The part which was left out was this;
… using money …
that is,
as long as it is circulating,
and not just sitting somewhere
Attention: Saudi Arabia The Line
will be one, a miracle.

Regarding the big stones,
and other mysterious
miraculous accomplishments,
they can be done
using engineering which comes from nature, a kind of leverage.
You can learn about it
by studying the works of
Viktor Schauberger,
he wasn’t even an engineer,
he was a forester,
but he saw,
as he observed in the virgin forest,
where he worked,
the same observations
which could have been seen
by certain people long long ago;
Nature As Teacher ** ,
“Copy Nature” as Viktor Schauberger says,
and just small machinery
can to do great work, …
with no evidence of how it was done
left behind,
especially because
The Money Power Establishment
Mainstream Media,
including most history books,
always makes sure that the light shines on something else completely distracting like …
fake news (without including
the money part of the story)
war …
and then actually
turning people against money over the years, so that it, what is taught about it,
is so convoluted,
it’s nonsense
and so you just throw your hands in the air,
like surrendering, …
and who wins,
The Invisible Enemy
and his trick hoardable money.

demurrage (holding charges)
on The US Dollar.
But even better is Plan B:
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges).

we can continue learning
and refining
our understanding
of the magical arts,
including masonry (building),
so harmoniously,
that what is done
is accomplished
with a footprint so slight,
it may seem invisible.

Thank you
Karim El Koussa for presenting
and also thanks to
Viktor Schauberger
Silvio Gesell
President Donald Trump,


 Angel NicGillicuddy

** This just happens to also be the title of the book by Callum Coates, which translates Viktor Schauberger’s message.

Russel Lee Morris

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