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The MLK Day Spell If I were Biden

The magic spell for casting
upon all the sleepers.
Just follow these steps.
First, declare demurrage on The US dollar.
The good foundation
has been laid by President Trump.
2. Use the Post Offices *
they’re in every corner of The Globe,
for stamping the backs of paper money
to show
that demurrage or holding charges
have been paid
up to date.
If the money is not stamped up to date
it should not be accepted.
If you do accept unstamped money
YOU are supporting
The Dark Forces
and YOU will remain
in the illusion.
Most of the paper money
the very next day
make its way into circulation
through the usual channels;
banks, and other financial institutions,
or it can be directly loaned
to whoever you feel worthy
a good investment.
Visionary long-term investment
will be THE best bet.
Not short term quick money making schemes. Why?
Because that same money
will just have to find
some other good investment
no matter who holds it,
in order to avoid the burden
of demurrage
or holding charges
paid by
The Holder,
be it the bank or ANY financial institution
or person or entity,
and including offshore secret accounts.

The demurrage charge is adjustable,
it might possibly start at
10% per year.
This means
you don’t really have to worry about demurrage charges adding up
unless you have a whole lot
of hidden money.
Attention environmentalists
and humanitarians,
and anyone worried
about money hiding and accumulating
in The Dark Realms
for some later ambush by troublemakers.

And of course
you may hold as much money cash paper
in your pocket as you want
if that is what you want it is fine.
The demurrage or holding charges
will be hardly noticeable,
especially because
who holds cash paper money in their pocket or even in a safe
for very long?
It is usually turned over
at least once every year
if not
at least every time there is a recession
which is more and more often these days.

3. Engage The UBI
using some of the spare money,
no need for a new loan.
There WILL BE spare money
because much LESS money
will be needed
to do much MORE work
when we begin using
the US dollar with demurrage.
There will be no money hiding
in The Dark Realms
and operating against us

will send the FIRST EVER
accurate order
to our ‘factories’,
like the perfect distribution mechanism,
it doesn’t leave any residual Money
to disappear
for vacuuming up later on
by you know who.

environmentalists and humanitarians,
consider the effects of
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
on the environment,
Human migration.
Much LESS pollution
because manufacturing will know exactly how much is demanded,
no more need for predictions, forecasts and guesses.
Plenty of money
for continuous research and development,
no money able to be held back anymore,
even if headlines are fearful,
even if rumors are rampant.
You will quickly move THROUGH
the radical and very harmful
presently being experienced
by the use of Capitalism,
a system which had its place
and served you well
to lift civilization up
from the ways
of primitive production and barter.

due to the use of a defective medium;
the HOARDABLE form of money,
this system has reached it’s limit.
The defective medium is hoardable money, most of which is the US dollar,
which these days
is being used as
a huge leverage device
for manipulating EVERYTHING,
IT is a result of over 2000 years accumulation,
and accumulating EVEN MORE
from war profits;
World War I
World War II
and the Third World War
which you have been in for
MANY MANY years.

And regarding
the flow of Human Migration,
The Human Slave Trafficking business
will go bankrupt
when demurrage is declared
on The US dollar.

5. Immediately following the formal declaration of demurrage
on the US dollar,
begin the transition to Free-ed Land,
part two
The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth.
This will be done
gradually by whoever
would rather sell their home
but is having a hard time.
More on this later.
It’s not complicated
but it is necessary,
in order to avoid the hoarding of land
just like the hoarding of money.

Free Money;
money free-ed
to circulate
Free Land;
like the money
this means
freeing The Land
from Captivity.

There it ‘tis Angel.
Now conjure up your magic flying carpet
and descend upon

The Beast finishes
outlining The New Spell
for Angel NicGillicuddy.

Angel: “V?” *

V: “I hear you.
Calling on The Spirit of
Martin Luther King
Silvio Gesell
and also calling upon
President Trump.”

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