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The Natural Economic Order (NEO)

Models for
The Natural Economic Order (NEO)

The Burj Khalifa
The Mukaab
The Line
Thank you NEOM.
A study in
of the first class, second class
and third class.

The Burj Khalifa;
It’s like building a second city,
the same size,
right next to Berlin, Silvio Gesell.
In fact,
from The Palace of The Republic
in East Berlin
was used in the building of it.

It’s effect on
Ground Rent
is dramatic and far-reaching;
it neutralizes the subversive influence
of Big Land Owners
on Rent and Taxes,
and moves Wages
further in the direction of
Full Proceeds,
The Collective Wage Pool
becomes bigger
and more secure.

We must reflect upon
The Land Part,
which is first
in the book (The NEO, by Silvio Gesell)
in order to see more clearly,
the effects of these kinds of building plans, which can be observed
in NEOM.

Part One is in a sense,
for the immediately
almost simultaneous following of
Part Two;
demurrage (holding charges)
on the money.
if demurrage (holding charges)
was in the future for
The US Dollar **
then action
in line with
The Natural Economic Order
is the smartest thing to do?
** reference President Trump not Biden.

Maybe the story about
The Tower of Babylon
became very distorted,
like fake news.
If it were not destroyed,
things would’ve been much better
for everyone.
But the forced
Economic Recession
for everyone.
Our spiritual connection
was ‘short changed’.

Thank you MbS,
and your Team,
you are a visionary
and a very clever strategist.
your history shines clear of
fake news distortion.

To be continued…
About The Line
in the next article.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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