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Money Laundering and The US Government; The Big Guy

Little Eva‘s message to Angel:
The printing (yes printing)
of more and more paper
hoardable Money US dollars,
it is included with every digital increase
of debt money.
It’s the part which eventually ends up
in the hands of The Big Guy.
Well some of it anyway.
The rest goes
to whoever The Big Guy is working for.

And these pieces of paper remain at large hiding but accumulating
more and more interest burden,
it started around 1935.

This burden has reached the point
where the raw materials
needed to pay just this part of the debt,
the interest part,
on the hidden cash,
is more in the natural resources can bear
and still recover to the sustainable level.

And unfortunately, it is even worse
because the ‘hidden’ paper money
US dollars are what finance
the human slave trafficking business.
And that business,
like all the businesses
which are thought to be legitimate,
also suffers of USURY
when the money,
the paper money which is hidden,
is itself hoarded in The Dark Realms.
And then those businesses
even like human slave trafficking
begin to fall into the same
Credit Trap
which is experienced by folks
in the legitimate business world.

But in The Dark Realms
the consequences are much quicker felt,
and the number
of poor people;
those reliant
on the PAPER money,
almost overnight
when the paper money is vacuumed up,
and held back
by the money loaners
in The Dark Realms.
Oh it’s bad.

‘As above so below’
has been maxed out
regarding interest payments and
The Credit Trap.
The price is
very desperate
poor people.

‘Freezing assets’
does not touch the paper money
and it has a backfiring effect
because many of the workers dependent on the ‘slave job’ (bad as it is)
and the money derived from it
and those workers,
already poor,
are left without work
and money.

But this is not The End.
Declare demurrage on the US dollar
and all of this begins to turn around
very quickly.
The first thing to happen
is that the USURY
which is acting in The Dark Realms;
the worst kind of USURY,
loses its power,
which is
‘the ability to hold back the money’
if the terms and conditions are not met.
Even though the terms and conditions
are deplorable;
high interest on the underground loans
and slave wages
with terrible work environment.

Meanwhile (once demurrage is declared on The US dollar)
all of the infrastructure
to absorb these poor people
into legitimate work
not only expands
but is refined
without interruption and continuously.
is Heaven.

But if Biden doesn’t do it,
then there is a
Plan B:
Church Money with demurrage
or else
Trump Money with demurrage.

The Spirit of Little Eva,
from Uncle Tom’s Cabin,
is with us,
Angel NicGillicuddy


Russel Lee Morris
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