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Money Teacher Where You Might Not Expect

V: “You seem to have pressure building up my friend.”
V has a new job.
She works
in a Casino Hotel,
Client: “I’ve heard
that you have a technique
for relieving it.”
V: Gently,
“Yes of course honey,
this pressure is too much,
and after a while it needs to be released.
But in the right way.”
She stands to lean over her guest
and whisper in his ear
as she makes herself comfortable in his lap.
V continues … gently
“Declare demurrage on The US Dollar. 
In one year
you will be master
over this pressure   problem.
of a kind which will keep money flowing without interruption nor interference,
like Qi Gong,
to move us smoothly through
The Money Gate
and THROUGH Capitalism.
Nothing is wrong with the system,
but the flow of your money
is not steady and continuous.
When demurrage is declared
on the US dollar
then you will see
and experience
what we
are truly capable of doing
and being.
Don’t you want to do that with me honey?”
The client looks into V’s eyes.
And V continues the subtle
lesson …
“Repeat after me,
Evil may not ever go away completely,
but when we declare demurrage
on the US dollar
we will easily be able to manage it.”
They continue moving and breathing, synchronizing naturally,
as V helps him through the statement himself.
V: “Good   good  yes.
And now just a little more …
Be with the breathing
You don’t need to do anything
other than being with.
Are you OK?”
Client: “Yes, I’m good.   I’m good.”
He takes a deep breath, just naturally.
And in his mind he is thinking
And then,
when it happens just naturally, 
he exhales
and thinks to himself,
And after a few seconds, …
V: “Listen
Usury, The Beast,
will be subservient
when demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.
The consequences which humanity
and the environment
have suffered over these last 2500 years,
ever since we began
with the magical money token,
will be reversed
with all the natural inspiration
of Ego;
our God-given instinct
to always
at all costs
protect The Temple
(she points to her temple)
where the knowledge
And then
she moves her hand in a flowing motion down her body
and over to his
and then upward
to the top of his head
and up
and then back over to her, 
moving her hand downward
back to her temple.
when it happens naturally
she inhales deeply
thinking in her mind
and she raises her left hand palm open
to The Heavens
for the highest wisdom to flow into her,
and the two of them.
“May it be so.”
V is looking into her pupil’s eyes.
He slowly closes them
as he orgasms
she comforts his head in her bosom.
And he listens
to her heart beat.
your friends.” V whispers in the air.
“This is the air magic.
It rides on the air waves.
Angel NicGillicuddy is watching.”
Black screen.
And the sound of a gentle breeze.

Russel Lee Morris
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