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More about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the real reason for Civil War

You won’t find any of
The Test Questions (and answers)
in this article.
Attention Teachers.
And high school students who want to
know The Truth.

Main stream media,
including the fake news and entertainment took Uncle Tom’s Cabin
and turned it into ANOTHER 
means to divide and conquer.
By starting a war with it
(The American Civil War
in this case)
they created
the ultimate division
of the workers.
(That is all of us by the way.
But not those at the top of the pyramid ...
you know,
the one with the eyeball
and manipulating
The one on the US PAPER dollar ...
is anybody out there following me? Comment.

When you carry off a large number
of workers
to war,
usually completely gone from the country where they live,
and where their family lives,
what do you think happens
in the home country? ...
The Farm suffers (The Plantation too).

And what if somehow
you can pit
The North
against The South
of the same country? ...
The Farm or Plantation back home
is left with only
a skeleton crew,
many of the good workers,
including the black ones from The South,
end up marching off to war
with The Boss.
And this includes the white “Uncle Toms”
up North.
I’m not saying that in a judgemental way, because
they know not what they were doing.
Like Jesus said.
He was talking about money.
Hoardable Money to be exact;
Money which can easily
be removed from circulation,
slow down the economy
and secretly pay off (support or finance)  President Lincoln,
and a bunch of politicians *
The Union Army,
and The Confederate Army too,
but just a little bit less than The Union Army.
Paying off BOTH sides,
but again
one side a little more than the other.
* The same thing happens today
Trump is able to finance himself
(with the help of 70 million real voters; Workers. Real workers).
He is not dependent
on The Swamp Money.

The Plantation “Owners”,
like Uncle Tom’s Boss’s Son,
many of whom
COULD read,
got together and
“drew the line”;
The Mason Dixon Line,
for declaring tariffs
on everything coming from The South.
That would include FOOD,
and the cold winter was approaching quickly up North.

The Northern Factory “Owners”,
encouraged by The Money Power;
The HOLDERS of the most money
back home
in The Old Country,
(actually forced by them;
manipulated like a puppet)
Slave Traders
to repossess the human property.
They also sent
angry, frustrated, desperate, wreckless workers who were fooled
by the main stream media
Conflict Message.
THIS “Union” Army
was sent to The South
to burn down property (homes, farms, Churches, businesses big and small)
of these “owners”
who had fallen behind too far
in their debt payments.
This Union Army Gang
as collateral on the mortgage,
the LAND.
They were paid
in the concealable
Hard Cold Cash.
Most of this Union Army Gang
were white of course.
They left almost all of the “free-ed”
black slave workers up North
to carry on making guess what? ...
War supplies
like guns and bullets.
These factory “owners”
made A LOT of money
from this deal.
all these things were sold “on credit”,
most of which the factory “owners”
HAD to forward on,
as the payments came in,
to the financiers
back in The Old Country*
(see the footnote from the article entitled
Back Again at Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Is anybody out there starting to get this?

In the next upcoming article
Angel NicGillicuddy meets little Eva
from Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

If you didn’t actually read
Harriet’s book,
every page,
then you have been fooled.
But I will enlighten you,
Angel NicGillicuddy
The same “story”
can be SEEN
all over the world
now. *
* see the article entitled
Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Untold Story

Russel Lee Morris
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