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Moses Money and The Desert Wanderers

Moses moved his people into the desert.
There is no mention about what he did
other than wander for 40 years. *
But he did much more,
He was a great mathematician
and he made business
collecting and selling saltpeter (niter),
which can be used as fertilizer …
but also for gun powder.
Moses made a lot of money,
and he made sure
that it would not just “mysteriously” 

 * “There is a hidden history
which in deed
does explain
the “mystery”
about hoardable money
and The Money Changers
in ways
that even a child can understand.”
- Angel NicGillicuddy

Moses declared DEMURRAGE on the money,
like The Kings of The Gothic Era did later;
a charge
for holding it (the money).
These economies flourished
even in a desert,
even in The Dark Ages.
The Way
was demonstrated
by the creation of Canaan,
and all that we marvel at
which was created during The Gothic Era.

Moses “died”
just before The People
were to inherit
The Promised Land,
free from all debt.
The MSM, 
which has been around for ages,
“killed” Moses,
like they are trying to “kill”
Trump now.

Moses demonstrated,
even in a desert,
how superior
unhoardable money with demurrage IS
over the hoardable money
which The Money Changers
depend on.

How did The Money Changers
convince The People
that hoardable money was “The Way”? …
By censoring
all the information and history about
unhoardable money with demurrage.
is not allowed to know about
unhoardable money with demurrage.
She only recognizes the letters.

The idea that Moses just wandered
in the desert for 40 years
is the mainstream story
that is reflected in our global economy
The Truth has not died,
it never will.
The Story (The True Very Real Story)
will reflect
The Promised Land
is Declared
on The US Dollar.
Pope Francis could do it, 
Other Church Leaders could do it,
Church money with demurrage.
Lebanon could do it
by including the discussion in their
negotiations going on right now.
Trump WILL.

to be continued.

Russel Lee Morris
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