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Image credits: Netaji Chandra Bose and his wife Emilie Schenkl (courtesy of Amarujala).

Netaji Declassified UNCENSORED.
The Emilie Schenkl mystery revealed.
Why do you see so much published
about the ARMY part of the story Netaji?
It’s because that sells more ammunition,
it’s practically an advertisement
which will assure that
The Cash Mob Elite Establishment
maintain its monopoly over the money
the ammunition.
The export
of ammunition
is a cash only business, 
cash is the only medium of payment
that the ammo “factory“ can accept
so as to avoid falling into the same trouble
as every other business, even banks; bankruptcy.

Netaji‘s wife Emily Schenkl,
who were her parents?
Why don’t they list them on the Internet? Emily‘s father sent her to a nunnery,
that’s “code”
for a spy school.

she was introduced to Netaji at a party,
this was probably planned.
She became his typist and lover …
she was “in the know”
about everything Netaji was doing.
She scrubbed all traces of his contact with
The Free Economy Publishing League.

Meanwhile, her daughter became
an Austrian economist, Anita Bose Pfaff,
who married another economist,
a German socialist of the
Swabian Circle type,
Martin Pfaff.

Try asking these two about
Silvio Gesell
and The Free Economy League
and unhoardable money with demurrage
and declaring demurrage on The US Dollar.
I’ll bet the only response you’ll get
is silence,
typical of the spy world.

Emilie would have probably known
that Netaji was headed to meet with
The Free Economy League of Japan
to finalize a trade deal
which required the use of
unhoardable money with demurrage
for all participating countries.

That was WAY more than
England and the United States
could ever negotiate,
so they ordered the atom bomb
and had it delivered,
that way their money monopoly
and their ammunition monopoly
were not disturbed.

So much chaos followed the atom bomb,
The Money Power Establishment
LOVE chaos,
they even love anarchists.
They love everyone,
and try so hard to be charitable,
as long as the words
unhoardable money with demurrage
declare demurrage on The US dollar
are not part of the discussion.

Jesus said
acts of charity will NOT get you to Paradise. That is because they ruin
local business.
I think the environmentalists know that
local is better,
so why do they allow and listen to
The Globalists’ Agenda?

You could ask Emilie Schenkl
about her parents,
but she died in 1996,
and I’ll bet that is when
particular information
about Subhas Chandra Bose
begin leaking out,
probably like a great mystery,
typical of what Emily Shankl’s
would encourage
to cover up the real story,
the one which includes
The Money Part.

Spies like Emilie Schenkl are NOT
that’s stupid,
their whole identity is made up.
They are

Declare demurrage on The US Dollar
to end this USURY;
The Spy Business,
it’s Human Slave Trafficking.

I do NOT blame Emilie Schenkl,
she was a victim of
The Human Slave Trafficking business.
Her children probably only heard a very
about money,
much like most children hear around
the home
even still today.

But that is changing now,
there is a new and different
bedtime story for children (and adults too).
It is called,
Shibboleth A Tale of Two Secret Passwords
and Money.
Watch for it soon
here on

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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