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Thanks to
The Free Economy Publishing Company
Dr. Hugo R. Fack

But don’t expect to just Google this stuff
and get the truth about 
the economic philosophy of
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Netaji was NOT at all interested in
industry and agriculture,
but that is what the main stream media
of his time,
and still today,
want you to believe.

Gandhi was the socialist
and look at him,
an emaciated lawyer,
a little bit like Obama;
crooked physically and mentally,
how could anybody choose
Gandhi over Netaji.
How could anyone choose
Biden over Trump,
they did NOT know the truth.

Gandhi is the poster boy
for main stream news,
their bosses,
The Cash Mob Elite Establishment
love it.
Just like they love Biden.

President Trump = Subhas Chandra Bose

You will never get the truth
from anybody who is worried
about their financial security.
Trump is not worried
about his financial security.
Neither was Netaji.
That is because they know how to make
The Beast
That means,
they both know,
and so do I,
how to make the US dollar
our servant
instead of our master.

Trump is even in good relations with Japan just like Netaji was,
he has met the money people
President Abe (now in business again,
just like Trump)
and also Emperor Naruhito.
The stage is being set,
just like the stage was being set
Netaji and Japan.

Lots of time has passed,
and still the stage
to declare demurrage
on the US dollar
is still the focus.
I think the Japanese respect that
and are now ready to take action.

The Cash Mob Elite
and their
Mainstream Media
spread The Gandhi story around the world even into our STATE education
here in The USA.
It is pathetic history of “the man”
THEY chose
for the posters and headlines
and our STATE education.
I say don’t look back
or you will cry so much
all that will be left
is a pillar of salt.

Very soon here at
The Free Economy Publications
of Dr. Hugo R. Fack
Theophil Friedrich Christen
will be republished
so that you will begin to know
the eternal truth
which The Cash Mob Elite
thought they had scrubbed from the record.

Trump and Netaji
are rising.
It would sadden Netaji
to see this opportunity
to declare demurrage on the Rupee
slip by.

The Spirit of Netaji is with Trump,
and so is
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell,
and Trump is on The Path
to declare demurrage on The US dollar,
to show the world
how it is done.
He has the cash part covered
and Melania has the cyber part covered.

Netaji and Trump.
Thank you Japan
and also thank you to all the
Free Economy League researchers out there who are censored,
and thank you to all the cricket fans
who are also Netaji fans
and already
know the truth regarding
The Free Economy League,
Silvio Gesell
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

TRUTH Social is coming.
Watch for
The Money Gate portal
here at

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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