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The instigation
to declare demurrage on the money
must come from the people
or the students in University or high school maybe even elementary school,
you will get a response and dialogue,
but ONLY from the leaders
who really understand money
and who know about
hoardable money versus
unhoardable money with demurrage
ONLY from those not worried
about their financial security.
The rest will remain SILENT;
attorneys, politicians, religious leaders,
LOTS of journalists and news reporters,
all the actors and performers
in show business.

The Message
to declare demurrage on the money
was in the heart of Subhash Chandra Bose, he was very passionate about it.
You may ask,
who did he speak about this with?

VERY FEW people understand,
or have ever even heard of,
the concept
hoardable money
versus unhoardable money with demurrage.
Certain people
are very very nervous and scared,
even paranoid
that this topic should
or even be mentioned in a whisper.
They are The Establishment.
They have the most
Money Power (CASH PAPER,
and an army of blind followers.
Their leader is
The Beast; USURY.
EVERYONE is under its
Power Spell,
even sadhus, gurus and
are seriously affected;
infected by the hoardable form of money,
which is what we have been using
for 3500 years.
We are indeed in the middle of
The Third Day.
Wise Ones have always known
this day would come,
ever since we began using
money which is hoardable.

Blood is NOT necessary,
but a Great Military IS,
to defend the miraculous wealth
which happens as a result of
declaring demurrage
on the money.
Netaji knew this.

A nuclear bomb
was dropped on Japan
to wipe out all record of this Message
and cause HUGE distraction
to prevent any exposure of it in the news.
It’s the same today.
Who is behind this
It does not even matter!
But attorneys and politicians and all those people worried about their financial security RELY on the paranoia
to make a living.

Regarding England and India;
England was headquarters for
The Masters of the hoardable money system; the ones with the most cash money.
But India was infected
by the hoardable money (gold, silver)
way before England entered the picture.

Subhas Chandra Bose
traced the path of money
into Germany,
where Silvio Gesell was organizing
The Free Economy League
including Japan.
This whole organization
has been scrubbed from our history
and with it
a vital piece to the puzzle,
the money part of the story
regarding the mystery
of Netaji.

it has been revived,
and The Spirit of Subhas Chandra Bose
and The Spirit of Silvio Gesell
to work
Channels, Media
and just ordinary every day
hard-working, proud, strong people.

Keep your mind clear of emotional triggering, be with your breathing.
Welcome aboard,
Angel NicGillicuddy

PS I wish you the best
Professor Kapil Kumar
Chandrachur Ghose
Anuj Dhar

Russel Lee Morris
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