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Never Believe
It’s Impossible

For all The Perplexed Economists.
Everyone would have been
just fine and dandy
if President Trump
would have been allowed
the second term.
But it is still possible.

Trump will finish opening the way
for us to move THROUGH
to The Promised Land
of The Natural Economic Order.
But certain entities,
maybe not even human,
must maintain and sustain
their unearned income,
generations old,
because otherwise,
what would happen? …
They would have to work,
and they are very frightened of this; paranoid.

In order to keep Trump
from helping us; leading us,
every dividing issue
has been funded powerfully,
forcefully, …
this is USURY,
the worst.
But in that a desperate state
fills the fake news headlines,
most people,
having very short term
reactionary ideas only,
take the money
without asking any questions.

demurrage (holding charges)
on the hoardable money 


to drain The Swamp,
and dry up
all the Swamp Monsters.

It’s like a war,
both sides are financed.
Huge war profits are made,
war is very expensive.
Huge advertising profits are also made.
Human Slave Trafficking
is also secretly
the flood of illegal immigrants
(in debt, not just poor)
is used to lessen and distort
not only what amount the wage earner receives in money; his YIELD,
but also his PROCEEDS; what he can buy with that money.
A very important distinction
must always be made between these two.
And beware,
The Establishment
will do it’s best
to confuse the two.

For Unity instead of Division,
use unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges)
to unfund; bankrupt,
and humans slave trafficking.

Trump’s Plan
to declare
demurrage (holding charges)
on the money,
his own
if the Government fails,
you will
the shooting
would quickly subside,
the cash for buying so much gun powder would dry up.
The gun powder business
would look for its other customer,
the farmer,
and start making fertilizer instead.

Trump Freedom Cities
would rapidly absorb
all of the huge hoards of cash
rising from
The Dark Realms.
The Human Slave Trafficking Business
would go bankrupt.

Massive stress
would be lifted off of
The Environment,
interest on money
would make up less and less
of the price
of everything,
right now interest cost
is way more
than half of the price
of every single little thing offered for sale.
The Environment
is paying for this.

Wages would rise,
and very soon the worker
would get the full proceeds
from his work;
he would know that,
Just as he soweth,
so he may reap;
Prices would stabilize.

to lead us THROUGH
and you will have
communities of diversity
and diverse communities
of all kinds
and all mixtures,
but not forced
in anyway.

Trump Freedom Cities
financed with
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges),
all sizes and kinds
are possible.
I would be able to find
and live in the place
where I am most comfortable.
And then try again without being stuck,
finding a different place
where I am most comfortable,
if I change my mind,
or even my sex.
Why? How?
In The Natural Economic Order
the people
the land
from themselves.
Land is not
sold and bought.
Tolstoy knew this,
but he didn’t know about
the money part,
though he was well prepared
to learn.
he was carried away
by death. **

We will finally have an environmentally sustainable economy,
where refinement
is never interrupted nor distorted
nor short changed
ever again by
Economic Recession.

If you don’t like TRUMP,
then choose a good opponent
and debate this scenario:

Freedom Cities
built right next to existing big cities,
(possibly even Portland, Oregon)
and in other
strategic locations.

in the existing cities and towns,
nearby especially,
will become very affordable
for all kinds of possibilities,
the present owner being fully compensated,
price based upon the rent
which each piece of land hitherto yielded,
or would have yielded,
this rent thus calculated
is then capitalized
at the market rate
of interest,
which in times of war is high,
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges),
this money reform simultaneously introduced with
Freedom Cities,
will have the effect on this interest
of lowering it
more and more.
And in fact,
even synchronized with Nature.

The immigration crisis will be absorbed.

The balance between
Intensive Cultivation
Extensive Cultivation
will be established,
and it will always
be adaptable
to any changes,
climate or otherwise.

We will have
The Natural Economic Order,
God’s Kingdom
will be prepared
to welcome Him
to Mother
once again.


 Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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